What should I expect from my therapist...?

Sorry -I probably could have included this in my previous post before I pressed "send" - but was wondering what I should expect from my therapist? I just find our sessions going rather slow and I'm not really leaving with any real "action items" -- is it too early to expect something substantial?

I haven't really notified any movement towards me b/p since I've been going.

Thanks all,

Caroline...you need to ask for some tools and help that will interrupt the cycle of b/p. Tell your therapist that this is what you want/need!! He/she cannot read your mind. Does this person specialize in treating eating disorders? You may want to examine this a bit more closely.
Ask for what you need-use your voice! Take care...Jan ♥

hi jan,

yes, my therapist works with ED patients. its hard to find someone who ONLY specializes in ED but i know that is one of her focuses. sorry - i must seem like a numbscull judging by your response to me. i just thought that the therapist would LEAD the way and direct me on the proper things to do.

thanks for your help.


Caroline....I am so sorry that you read into my words in that way. I did not mean to indicate that you were not doing something right. Yes, your therapist SHOULD be able to lead you and guide you with these things, but if he/she is not, then unfortunately it falls upon you/us.
I do apologize if my words seemed to indicate that you were at fault...NOT AT ALL!! Please take care....Jan ♥


the therapist can only help as much as you let them. if they are not going in a direction that is helping you, how else can they know that if you don't tell them.

sometimes i have sat in a session thinking. that is not helping you are going the wrong direction, but if i don't speak the words, the therapist will continue that direction for lack of knowing. therapists are not mind readers, they cannot know what they are not told. took me a bit to learn that one.