What to do when about to pass out?

I've been doing better, but tonight after a little too much activity and not quite enough food for the day I passed out. I can normally tell if i feel like i'm going to pass out, but haven't figured out anything to make it not happen. Any ideas?

Do you know why you are passing out? Is it low blood pressure? If so, lie down with feet elevated to increase blood pressure? Is it due to low blood sugar? If so, you need sugar immediately. I know you are probably reluctant to eat or drink sugar, but this is really important. Orange juice, milk (especially chocolate), or a candy will help a lot.

I understand we have been taught to think of sugar as bad and it is sugar that causes weight gain, etc. However, sugar is required for the cells in your body to work. Without sugar, they will begin to die, and the organs will begin to suffer, and the systems will begin to fail. There is a risk of brain damage and death. At this point, sugar is critical, as important as air to breath.

I'm glad you are feeling better. It sounds like you are very self aware and working hard to balance input with output. The next time you feel faint, put your head between your knees. If that doesn't work, go to the sugar.

Another possibility may be dehydration. Are you good with drinking lots of water? No calories in water! :)

Good luck!

to make it stop happening? um well eating enough for your activity intake! but Im guessing you know that already...other than that when it starts happening lie down and drink a big glass of water as this will help with your blood pressure. also if its your blood sugars that are playing up have something small and sugary, if you can't face a full meal even just an apple or some raisins or a cracker

Thank you, I do know I need to eat more. As for blood pressure, mine is consistently around 105/60 on a regular basis. I do also have low sugar. Normally I just put my head down in between my knees and try to drink some water, but that doesn't always stop it. Guess it would probably b a good idea to keep a stash of some food in my purse...

You awareness is amazing. Good for you!

Your BP is on the low side of normal, so you don't have a lot of play room. Head between your knees is good, lying down with elevated legs is better.

Water is ALWAYS good. :)

Yes, to stash of food. The key though is easily digestible and quick source of sugar. Chocolate is a good choice for your purse. Fruit is better (natural source sugar) but harder to stash in your bag.

Here's a little piece of trivia. When something is going "wrong" in your body, it will get you to pass out as a defensive strategy. The body wants you horizontal to more easily return to homeostasus. The fastest way to do this is to cause your BP to plummet, you faint, end up on the floor.

Keep doing what you are doing by listening to your body and asking questions.

Yep good idea having a wee bit of food in your purse. Even just a hard boiled lolly or something- nothing big thats gonna upset your eating disorder thoughts, just enough of a hit to help!

Yup, sugar sugar sugar.

What is a "hard boiled lolly" ????

Thanks everybody for your ideas, I've been drinking tons of water, and try to eat little bits gradually throughout the day, I still get worn down just from too much physical activity and lack of sleep, but I suppose that's bound to happen no matter what. Havent passed out in almost a week now, a big improvement for me!

Yay ... that's great! Day by day, like so much else. Good for you! Now, just keep eating little bits throughout the day, healthy choices, and try to increase the amount or frequency. Also, maybe try to add some healthy drinks. You won't feel so full so it may work better for getting nutrition in. Sounds like you are on the right path!

what types of drinks would you recommend? I do enjoy the "Naked" line of drinks, sometimes i substitute those for a small meal or a snack. I'm not a huge fan of protein drinks or things of that sort.

Sounds like you are making some really good choices. There is so much hype around protein drinks, etc, and they don't advertise the empty calorie or sodium content.

You could make your own smoothies. That way, you can keep it natural. Fruit, low fat yogurt, I use a tsp of frozen juice concentrate for flavor, I might also throw in soda water for bubbles (hee hee). Do avoid processed sugar. Don't disregard melons. I buy my fruit, and then divide it into smoothie portion size sandwich baggies, and freeze. Oh, frozen grapes are yummy. Also, consider adding a whey protein powder (costco).

A quick fix, when you aren't feeling great, would be any of the gatoraides. Pack full of enzymes etc that you need. But, also often packed full of sugar and sodium. I was never a fan until I got heat stroke in Mexico one year. Now, if I feel headachy and vomitty, and haven't eaten, I drink one of those for a quick pick up.

Avoid energy drinks at all cost (red bull, etc). I seriously believe they need to be sold to adults only, like alcohol. I have had more than one ambulance call due to youth and energy drinks.

You already know booze is pack for of stupid calories. You are better off eating a nice chicken salad with vinagrette dressing than drinking a beer.

Don't get fooled by sugar substitutes. Aspartame in particular. Your body doesn't know how to process it and ends up storing it, often in the form of cellulite.

My personal opinion is food that is NATURALLY sourced and brought to my mouth with as few middle steps as possible, is good. Natural sugar in an orange or carrot is good. Processed white sugar is bad.

I know a lot of doctors who recommend Boost for meal replacement drinks.

If you are needing to warm up to the idea of drinking flavours, try starting with a bottle of water and one of those yummy flavor packs with few calories. This will get your head ok with drinking good flavor. Then, you can graduate to drinks with real substance in them.

I hope that helps~

Thanks, that helps a lot. Luckily I already avoid alcohol and energy drinks, I used to drink about 4-5 energy drinks a day, it was awful, and I haven't had one in over a year now. As for alcohol, no way. The most I've had to drink lately is 2 bottles of beer and I was holding on to the wall so I wouldn't fall over, and that was about 10 months ago. No more for me! Ever!

I'm definitely going to try making my own smoothies. Besides the Naked drinks, the only thing I drink is water, no coffee, tea, soda, nothin. Just water and those juices every once in a while. But the smoothies sounds like an excellent choice. Unfortunately I'm gonna have to get back to that a little later, tomorrow I'm actually heading off for treatment for a week over my spring break. We'll see how it goes. Not looking forward to it too much, apparently I've been thinking I've been doing much better, but not doing well enough I guess. No spring break for me, oh well. health is more important!

You are such an inspiring person. You have so much awareness and acceptance. It sounds like you understand your illness and are working hard to get healthy. You are doing much better. You are asking questions, making changes, and learning how to overcome your challenges. I have much to learn from you.

As for Spring Break ... sure you get spring break. In a place that will focus on your needs and your learning and your health. What you will gain from this Spring Break will be with you for your life in a positive way; as opposed to the hang over your buddies might get. You can get drunk and stupid in Mexico when you can actually enjoy the great food and have energy to go on the catamaran.

Will you have access to the internet in treatment? If so, please drop a quick line to let us know how you are doing.

Have a smoothie for me. Yum ..... Oh, and for a special treat, through in some ice cream. mmmmmmm

Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot to me! I'm not too sure yet if I'll have internet access or not yet. Honestly I don't really know much about the place at all. But I guess my boyfriend took the initiative to get me into this place because i wouldn't do it on my own, and I couldn't say no to him. I've been knowing I need to do something, and I thought I could do it on my own. I see now that I can't. So I'm trying to go into this with an open heart and soul, and open myself to the experience and accept whatever help I can get. I'm ready to be done with this, and this is just the next step. I know I can do it, but I need this boost.

If you are comfortable doing so, would you send me a message with the name of the place you are going to? Or maybe, send it after you've been (so you don't think I'm creeping you or anything)? I'm just curious and would like to learn more.

Will this be the first time in treatment?

I'm soooo excited for you!!! You get to go and learn so much. I'm actually kind of jealous. You get to learn healthy nutrition, and recipes, and tricks to eat healthy without feeling like you've pigged out. You get to learn how to pay attention to your body and feed it what it needs. You get to learn healthy exercise and how to balance intake and outake. Oh, yeah, you also will dig into the why's of everything, but that is a life long question. Why am I the way I am? You won't figure that one out in one week (or in one lifetime either, if you are anything like me!), so focus on the good stuff (like smoothie recipes!).


Yes, this will be my first time in treatment, and I'm a bit nervous. I am excited, but this does feel like a scary step for me.

Such a fine line between scary and excited. You're doing the right thing. You have much to be proud of. !

Me too! I've been getting my teeth fixed and it is very painful to eat. I have gotten 42 fillings, 5 crowns, and am waiting on an implant. Stupid bulimia will kill your teeth in no time. I'm on iv's still, and am getting smoothies here, but no real food yet. I think that starts later this week, we'll see how it goes. Everythings monitored here, so no throwing up in washrooms, that type of stuff. Haven't binged or purged for a long time tho, anorexia's been my big battle for about the last 3 years. BF's here today, this is the first i've seen him since I got here, i'm so happy he's here, so that i can tell him i'm not mad at him anymore. I was furious at first, i thought he was just dropping me off for the week, i had no idea he was admitting me to this place until I was healthy, which is going to take a long time. I have to gain 25 lbs before I can leave, they weigh me every day on a scale that I can't see the numbers, they are aiming at a gain of 1-1.5 lbs per week, so I'm going to be here a long time. But I'm coming to peace with that, and I am so thankful that my boyfriend did this because he knows I would not have done this on my own, but he also knew I was ready to work on getting better. Before it would have been hopeless because I didn't want to help myself. I'm ready to get over this now.

It sounds like you are in a great place. You have not only accepted your situation, but are embracing it. It is not a barrier or punishment. It is an opportunity to get better. I am so glad you have a chance to tell your bf all of that. I'm sure he will be happy to hear it. It takes a strong person to admit they were mistaken and own up to. He will appreciate it!

I'm so very proud of you!

Yeah, everythings all better now :) He wasn't really mad at me, he's just happy that I've wrapped my head around everything and accepted it now. And thank you, not to sound conceited but I'm proud of me too, never thought I would get to this point.