What to do when about to pass out?

No conceit there at all. You should be proud of yourself, you've earned it.

Everyone needs to be better at honest self praise and criticism. Being conceited is bragging for the purpose of showing off and/or to get attention. Saying you are proud of yourself for accomplishing something particularly difficult is simply a statement of fact. You did accomplish it. You should feel proud.

I'm very proud of what I've achieved. I've worked my *** off and accomplished a lot. That does not make me better or worse than anyone. It just makes me me.

Oh and remember ......

You are perfect. You are perfectly you.

hee hee

Thank you both, you guys encourage me and help me more than you may know. Congrats to both of you on all you have achieved as well. Big or small steps, they are steps nonetheless. For every two steps forward I take I might fall back one, but in the end I'm one step farther than I was before.

Also, just heard the IV's are coming out tomorrow!!!!! I'm excited :)

Yes, it is, no more IV's should hopefully mean some mobility. And I'll be consuming all my calories and nutrients by mouth, vitamins and smoothies and drinks and such. No feeding tube for me, as I plan on being compliant with my nutritional treatment.

Not too many paintings around here. I guess I'll just have to paint my own and hang them up all over lol.

That's a great idea~! Tell them it's art therapy and get everyone to be involved.

oh oh ..... and make sure you explore finger painting, like when you were a kid! Let your inner girl out to play!!!!


Sorry mike, I'd rather not paint the toads :/ lol