What to do when you feel like you've tried everything

Feeling quite frustrated with the single status, as I feel like I've finally been putting myself out there and trying just about every option to meeting a man. I've been online dating and seemed to have come across a sketchy con-artist, so that scared me straight. I have also been out for happy hour, restaurant/hotel bars, fundraisers, gallery events, sports bars to watch games, etc. There's a part of me that wants to go back to throwing myself into my work and avoid the entire singles scene as it's nothing but frustration.

And, I seem to lack chemistry and a connection with the men that do ask me out. Do I over-ride the chemistry and connection just to be with someone?!?!? I can't seem to do that. Or, do I hope and pray that the right man will come along? Nearing my late 30's, being single and childless starts to be a bit scary.

Am I doing something wrong here?

I am a man who has trouble meeting women I like. I am often approached by nice girls that I don't find particularly attractive. They are generally not as open-minded as I'd like in a girl, they don't share same interests (working out, eating healthy) and they have a few qualities that I've labelled turn offs. I definitely over think the part about lack of chemistry eh? Looking for the perfect woman...I know.

But thats not the case at all! its just that in that moment there is a totally unbalanced state of emotions and attraction where they are totally coming on to ME, nice little me! and although we might be perfect for eachother it never happens because when we meet neither of us are the type that usually goes for the first interaction so its a little uneasy for the person getting hit on. The first encounter is usually so emotionally charged for me that it always turns me off a good girl for me and onto the one that is just trying to appeal to guys (any guy or girl can put on a mask of 5 characteristics/ style tips to make a good first impression) There is a certain level of comfort that I need in order to like the person but unless they are great in relationships the comfort level doesnt develop. Now I am able to look past the way they are acting in the moment and say to myself is this a person who if they werent coming on to me right now I could see myself with and sometimes it works and sometimes its going to be a freindship. but it keeps me away from GIRLS WHO JUST WANT ME FOR MY BOD! and keeps me grounded.

Hi Rocktorubble, thanks so much for your comment. It's really insightful to get a man's perspective here. I am definitely feeling differently now than when I posted this in June. I am at such a peaceful place regarding being single and feel like it will happen when it's meant to happen, but in the meantime I will focus on myself and continuing to build my businesses.

I understand where you are coming from in that it's easy to be drawn to a woman who is dressed up and made up, rather than a simpler nice girl. That's why I am a huge advocate in building a friendship first and then going from there. Although I really need to have that bit of chemistry, something to go on, but to me it's not always a physical thing...it's something unexplainable that sets off a bit of a spark. If I have that spark to go on then I really can build a relationship from there.

Oh, and in regard to knowing someone's true intentions, I believe that only time will tell, so maybe take things slowly and really get to know a woman before you get too involved on an emotional level.