What to do

I am engaged to this guy who is the love of my life..
recent;y I found out that he slept with one of his friends and she is now pregnant with his child...
what makes it worse is that this all happened the night our son was born, so while I was in hospital after giving birth that morning, he was doing all of this IN MY HOUSE!!!
He wants to fix it and I want to let him but I don't know if I can.. I spend everyday with this incredible hurt and don't know what to do???

First of all that is horrible of him to do to you. You deserve a lot more respect then that. He should not be having sex with anyone might as well on the day that you are having his child. he should be there with you being a good supporting fiance/father. Personally it doesn't sound like he is worth fixing it for. That is a big mistake for him to make, but if you truly love him and feel that he feels true remorse then it might be worth it. There are also 2 children involved so it makes it even more difficult, you have to think about your son and maybe you can make it work for him. But then on the other side are you going to be able to handle him having a baby with another women? these are all things to consider

Get rid of him you deserve a better life...

Hi Kimalison, thank you for sharing your story, we are here to help support you in any way that we can. I am really sorry for what you have gone through, though I truly believe that you deserve so much more for yourself and your son. What type of man sleeps with another woman while his significant other is giving birth to their child. That is such an unfathomable thought for me. I think that you need to completely walk away from having any type of personal relationship with him, and cleanse his energy out of your life. If he is a good and attentive father, then that is a relationship that you can maintain with him for the sake of your child. But, for your well-being, you need to close the door on a romantic relationship with him, and then when you are ready open your heart and mind to a good honest person who is worthy of you. Because this man certainly is not worthy of you.

i don't know if you have a dog for a pet, but my first thought is that my dog would never have done that to me! lol it sounds dumb, but now that i think about it...

your own dog, who you can't communicate with, would NEVER hurt you in that way...

send him to the pound and replace him with a pup!

I like that analogy Misst! Very well put! If an animal wouldn't treat you or anyone that way, then a human most certainly should never do so, and even if they do the error in their ways shouldn't be so significant so as to deserve forgiveness. You can forgive in your heart and soul for your own peace of mind, though never look back on the situation or him again.

I am certain that you have learned another one of lifes lessons from this experience so that you will not ever do this again to yourself or meet up w/that type of a person in the future, wished I'd had this type of support 40yrs. ago would have help me dearly.

Take care of you.


keep him or dispose of him its your choice.

but remember once they stray they continue to do it when the going gets tough.

and if he makes a good father for one he will prob make a good father for the other

food for thought

loving thoughts and positive vibes