What to do?

OK...so I am new to this site and thought I would give it a try. I am a single father recently divorced and have been having anxiety attacks for some time now and still haven't got to the point of controlling them yet. Just wanted to see if there was anyone that has some good ideas on how to do this.

jdromo - i’m sorry about the attacks, have you talked to a doctor about any good techniques? I know i do good breathing techniques for stress and anxiety. When you feel anxious stop take deep breaths, just close your eyes and breath to calm yourself slowly.

Victoria, yes I have been to the Dr. numerous times and I also do breathing techniques at times but it just doesn’t seem to curb the feeling. Dr. has a me on some meds that help somewhat but sometimes it is just too much to control. People tell me it will get better in time but when is that time…lol

It sounds like your therapist is not getting to the root of your problem. I'd suggest you look up the number for another treatment facility, because they need to find out what is causing your attacks before they can do any treatment on you. You need someone who will find out in depth what is causing it.

I have thought about that as well, just finding the time to do that and the travel sometimes is an issue. Have a few days off this weekend so may just do that.


Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like you received custody of you child(ren) because of your good parenting skills. I am sure as a recently divorcee and single parenting life can without a doubt be overwhelming. But remember you are not the first. So, my suggestion is that you find support either from your place of worship or your community in leading you to a single parent(s) support group. Stay focused on your responsibilities as a father and provider and remember you can only do this one day at a time. And without a doubt you will succeed. You are now at a unfamiliar place in life and you need people to assist you with guidance. Stay away from meds unless you think you cannot handle this situation.

Above all seek universal law support and it will provide you with guidance and answers. Good Luck!

Ben, thank you so much for the advice I def will look into some local groups. As far as taking it one day at a time…that is hard for me, sometimes when the anxiety hits it is when I am thinking of things to come and things that need done. Thank you for your kind words about my parenting skills, I try my best to make a happy “broken” family.

I know it can be hard to find the time for yourself, but sometimes you really have to do something just for YOU. When I started having panic attacks I told myself I would be fine and that I could handle them. Well they continued to get worse. Then I went on meds, and they made the attacks smaller, but they were still there. I finally made the decision to go to a counselor. Doctors don't often have time to get to the bottom of our issues, but counselors are so different. I have a great relationship with mine and I can tell her anything, no matter how irrational or weird it may sound. She listens and then helps me to pick apart my thoughts until I am back to reality. Often times after talking to her, I realized how silly my anxiety was in the first place. Conquering anxiety is hard, and it is a process but it can be done, I promise!! I took a course calling attacking anxiety and depression by Lucinda Bassett...you can find it on amazon for a decent price. I also read a lot about DBT and CBT which are cognitive/developmental behavioral therapy. They helped to open up my eyes. One of the simplest things I do when I am really anxious is grab a relaxation tape. (Trust me I know how corny it sounds haha). But it takes about 10-15 minutes and all you have to do is grab a comfy chair and turn off the lights. It will help you with your breathing, decrease your heart rate, and just calm you down. They have relaxation takes that take you through the breathing and muscle relaxation and those are excellent!! I used to be so anxious that I couldn't make phone calls or go to the store or give a speech. Now I take pride in the fact that I can call whoever I want, go out whenever, and feel confident in front of others. It really just takes some self discovery and getting to the root of your anxiety. Hope this helps a little :)