What was your good moment today? You may have to think hard

What was your good moment today? You may have to think hard, hooefully not.

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My wife called me at just the right time today. Kept me from spinning.

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The hubs came home a little early. It was nice to get hugs while cooking dinner.

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I had two great moments when I got to tuck both my girls into bed. So amazing. If I would have left my wife, I would not be able to do that every night.

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I actually had two good moments today. The first was when I had the opportunity to do a second interview for a job I've been wanting for, forever. The second was when my husband (we're separated) said "yes" when I asked him to stay for dinner.

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@beegee429 how long have you been separated?! Sorry totally off subject but him saying "yes" gave me hope and made me want to ask.

Me and my husband are separated and divorcing but talk of a future one day. But I feel it's more my hope than his.

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@Misshurt We’ve been separated for 13 months. It’s hard and i want nothing more than my family to be back together. When he said yes, it was like hitting the lotto. Stay positive, talking of a future together is very hopeful.

When I realized I have many good friends, especially during such tough times like now. And my 7 year old daughter finally admitting she missed Daddy, who had moved out to be with the OW, but she's afraid to ask him to move back cause she doesn't want to hear him say no. The good moment was that she was finally honest with me since she's been saying she's fine and doesn't miss Daddy. It broke my heart when she finally cried for her Dad. He is such a @$$ for breaking both our hearts for this OW. I hope it's worth ruining our lives.

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I took the final step in doing something for me that I have put off for far too long. So super excited. This is the first real step in my plan to rediscover myself.

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@Betrayedbymylove I love it! It is so great to have a plan for thriving. U will go so far

I catcalled the OW when she was leaving work and scared her into running back into the building shame faced and head tucked. I feel a little guilty about it now bcz of HOW effective it was...

So my second one is sitting on the couch holding hands with my husband and talking about our days.

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@RuinedLove ok, so that is funny. Were you in the parking lot watching?! Ok, I re read, catcalled…at first I thought you posted called.

We went out for dinner last night after my yoga class. He waited in the car for a hour and a half just so we could spend that time together later because we hadn't really had any time to connect during the day. Dinner was good but what I remember is that we actually chatted about nothing important, and we laughed !! Those are times that have been few and far between, and we both realized how much we miss that. We make time for the heavy talks but are forgetting to make time for the light hearted moments too. :)

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@Harmony1979 Food AND yoga pants?! How could it not go great? :wink:

When I forgave him for a lie he told me yesterday. It took everything in me

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@DestroyedAlone so sorry. Set backs like this are so hard. But it looks like you handled it well. How are you today?

I had a 'dance party' with my son, nephew and sister. We youtubed all the instructional songs and danced around then played 'just dance' on the wii. I don't think I've laughed so hard in such a long time. Dancing while holding my son was such a beautiful memory.

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Had lunch with my wife today and did some birthday shopping for our daughter :)

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