Whats Eating You?

Binging and purging while watching the eating disorder show... Wow my life's a mess. Anyone else watch this show on E ??

yep I watched it for the first time last night. was soooooooooooo happy our problems are FINALLY getting more attention. on another note, i am FRIGHTENDED about the "hydrochloric acid" comments they said that is tearing up our bodies, esophagus, etc.

if only i can STOP this violent behavior! i'm having a really tough time with it.

i look forward to hearing everyone's comments.


Please watch this show and others like it with discretion, if possible. I'm glad that the dangers are being exposed, but I also wonder about any chance of 'glamorizing' the ED, in terms of getting all this attention. I'm glad that you were able to see the reality of the dangers involved. Take care...Jan ♥

Actually watching it right now...

I've never seen the show. I am sorry for your pain. I hope things get better. Hugs.

Hmmm I dont think they show this show in Canada...

Yea I just don't understand it... Last week they had a lady on who was bulimic for 23 years and with in a couple weeks of therapy she was able to go 3 and a half weeks with out binging and purging.... That doesn't make sense to me. I've had this problem for over 3 years and have been in therapy for months, I can barely go longer then 24 hrs consecutively without binging and purging.... It actually had quite a negative affect on me, I started to think that I wasn't achieving anything in my journey. That because I wasn't going weeks on end with out binging and purging I've been wasting my time and money in therapy. Now I have kind of lost motivation. I used to b/p up to 10 times a day now its between 2 to 3 times a day and occasionally a day without... So I know I have made improvements but how come I can't just be done with it like that lady on the show? I just want the ED to go away!!!!

The 'jury' is still out for me, concerning the positive or negative aspects of the program. I don't think some of what is depicted is realistic, in terms of recovery and treatment, but I think portraying the real dangers of an ED is good. I think in all, an ED is simply too sensitive of an issue to put out in the media this way. It's far more complex than any program could depict. Harmful? I can't say.
Jan ♥

I'm still considering, too... I agree that it's unrealistic to think that someone could be "cured" after a couple of weeks of therapy... I must assume that there's a LOT going on "behind the scenes"... They've likely recorded for a longer period of time, and then only aired the parts that were deemed attention grabbers. I'm glad that our disorders are getting some attention... It'll be good for others to understand more about them... I'm a bit concerned that they're over simplifying things... But so far I think they've at least attempted to show the broad scope of the disease... I REALLY hated it when this last week a girl said she was jealous of the attention her twin sister received... YIKES!!! My eating disorder has NEVER been about attention... More like, AVOIDANCE of attention! :0/ But... everyone's different I suppose... ♥



I have been watching the show too, mostly because I had a chance to be on it but then turned it down right before filming was supposed to start. I watched an episode with my husband and felt so vulnerable after it was over. Like he knew way too much about my struggles at that moment! He was so kind though, hes the best :-)

About the girl who went an unusually long time without b/p as soon as she started treatment, I remember her saying in her episode that no one had ever tried to make her stop before. Maybe because of this situation she was able to quit the behavior sooner when she realized the support she truly has. Just an idea.

I'm going to continue watching the show but I definitely recognize that its not as simple as it seems. It feels good to know that I'm not alone though.

What exactly is the show called? I'm going to see if i can catch it online...

I wish I could watch it online so I could watch in private. I can't find it though. But I agree with many of you with regards to having an eating disorder for x amount of years and then all of a sudden going weeks without b/p-ing? I don't think so. My eating disorders have grown and changed over the last 18 years. There's no way I could just go to some therapy sessions and stop in the amount of time that these people are. I've been looking for help and solutions for a long time. Going on tv wouldn't change that.

for me ive never watched shows like these--not that i oppose to them, maybe it could be possible triggering for me? i dont know really but im glad they are addressing EDs on t.v.---i just wonder about the sincerity of it all. like---is it for real or for t.v.???

but i do agree at least there is a show about what we go thru....


I know my parents have recorded the show to watch and try to understand more, but at the same time I don't know if that really helps them understand. I don't binge/purge, but I restrict and overexercise. I haven't ever watched the show as the first few minutes of the one I saw had an anorexic girl on and it seemed very triggering to me. I think it is good to get more out about EDs to people, but unsure about 'glamorizing' them and the quick treatment processes shown like everyone else says. For now, I think I'm going to stay away from watching it just because I'm trying to work on myself and my own negative thoughts and think it would just introduce more!

Can someone tell me what the heck this show is called?!

It’s called “What’s Eating You?” and it’s on E! Sorry I meant to answer that in my last post :slight_smile:

Oh, Okay...thank you <3