What's past is prologue

I came upon this today while reading. This is from The Tempest.

"We all were sea-swallow'd, though some cast again
(And by that destiny) to perform an act
Whereof what's past is prologue; what to come,
In yours and my discharge."

I am profoundly moved by this concept of "what's past is prologue." Traditionally, a prologue sets the scene for what is to come in the novel or play. The prologue gives the reader a sense of what the story is about before all the action happens.

Everything that has happened in my life, the abuse, the eating disorder, the dysfunctional relationships, the trust issues, the sexual assault, the love, the smiles, everything has been prologue. All these events have set the stage for me to use in this moment-- to act, to change, to grow. When I wake up tomorrow, today will be prologue. Every moment I continue to live is preparing me for the next moment. And at any moment we can look back at our prologue, learn from it, grow from it, never change it, but use it to help us make good decisions. My prologue is filled with a lot of pain, but it sets the stage for me right here in the now.

Upon research of this quotation, I learned "what's past is prologue" is written on one of the four statues surrounding the National Archives Building. Cool.

How does "what's past is prologue" apply to you?

Thank you for this! I like this very much.
For myself, I am seeing more and more in my life, just how my past, is truly becoming my prologue.
Had I not gone through all that I had with my eating disorder, recovery, and the people and relationships I developed along the way, I would never be doing what I am today, nor would I be equipped to do what I am doing today.
Very interested to hear what others have to add.
Jan ♥

Whats past is prologue...

I realise now that everything that has happened and will continue to happen, whatever it has been or will be....these things become the past and through these i form who i am and can be. To take my next step a previous step had already been taken to path the way.

It is constant moving forward and that is life and living.

However only when i have accepted it as past can it become my prologue and can i move on from it.

This is what i am slowly working on as i move along and start letting go
"what's past is prologue"
these words have a meaning so true which gives me the belief that i can....

Thank you!