Whats the deal?

Ok what I dont get is why alot of the time a women can hit a man but a man cant hit a women??? that is so hypocritical. Its like the same deal with rape when a women gets raped its a big deal but when a guy gets raped its all of the sudden oh he could man up or something like that. I was watching this video where on this tv show this man and women were saying mean things to each other or something I think it was in another language hindu or hindi however you say it I think. And after the smack talking the women slaped the man first then after that the man slapt the women but people where trying to heal the girl while they were beating up the man a whole bunch of guys jumping him. That is unfair the women started it just because a man is usually stronger then a women doesnt give them the right to hit us. The man was saying how can she hit me? the point is no matter what gender you are man, women, ******, etc dont hit someone unless you are prepared to get hit back. And also when a man usually gets hit its funny or they say he deserves it but when a women gets hit its abuse. And also a man seems most of the time defending a women but why does a women barely defend a man?

i do not think it is right for men to be treated that way either. abuse is abuse no matter what and shouldnt have to go through something like that , the women should have consequences as well and men should be stood up for as well. i agree with you

Gender discrimination in our society has reached a ridiculous point. Women and men are supposed to be considered equals, but no one seems to understand the meaning of "equality." A woman hitting a man should be treated the same as a man hitting a woman, depending on the damage--women are generally naturally slighter than men and men tend to have more muscle mass, but a man should be able to retaliate to a reasonable extent toward a woman who hits him. Violence is never the answer, but a woman who slaps a man should expect a slap of the same intensity back. Women need to stand up for the men in their lives and stop playing the victim in everything. I'm a woman, and I always make sure to tell the men in my life that they are beautiful and they deserve to be treated nicely.

Yes Both men and women are beutiful I think that you should only stop the one who started the hitting whether its women hitting a man or a man hitting a women or a tranny hitting a women or man etc its not about the gender its about who started it.

Correct. Violence needs to have consequences no matter who did it. And it needs to be stopped regardless of the genders of anyone involved.

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around here, whenever a man and woman get into a fight and accuse each other of hitting, they BOTH go to jail. What's fair for one is fair for the other. that's the way it should be equal rights and equal treatment. So why is there still predjudism and hatred in the world? Because we learn from our parents who learned from their parents and the world can be hostile to anyone who is different. Will be so nice someday when women can be President and men can be sensitive and all these barriers and expectations can change!

And not to mention if women go sleeping around with everybody they wont be called sluts no more they will just be normal exspecially when they are in their twenties, thirties, and fourties. And man can be lovable compassionate, emotional, and sensitive without being called a whinney baby or to man up and stuff like that.