What's up with those Taliban pieces of sh*its? First, they h

What's up with those Taliban pieces of sh*its? First, they have banned girls from going to places, getting jobs or even receiving education, now they are not allowing them to go to beauty salons. What gives? We live in a world, where no-one should have a control of your life choices, but only you. Women are not pets. They're the same just like men. I hate when Muslim countries think it's immoral for people to be themselves. This is why I'm proud to be a Lithuanian. I might offend anyone for saying this, but I hate religion, especially obsessive religious maniacs that think they know more than us, but f*ck their rights. I'd like to see their rights being taken away one day, then they'll start begging for mercy. Here's the link if you want evidence.

Religion is just fairy tales in a book that get passed on, and information lost in translation.

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@jdd Descriptive. I’m not saying religion is bad, just the people that wrongly picture of it.

You guys couldn't have said it better.

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@Sailorboy ?

Taliban's are social path murders. That's how many of them raise their families.

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@Fohb460 Religion and politics just confuse so much.