When Diets Go Wrong

i've been reading a lot about this doctor that did a twinkie diet and lost weight. this article shows that while he did lose weight, his body and organs suffered in the process:

"By now we’ve all heard of Kansas State Professor Mark Haub’s junk food diet, aptly dubbed the “twinkie” diet by the ever-present media. The objective of the professor’s project was to prove traditional weight-loss methods wrong by eating junk food in moderation, rather than healthy fare. So for 10 weeks, the professor’s diet consisted of little more than Twinkies, Little Debbies, Oreos, sugary cereals, and small helpings of vegetables at dinner time to save face for his kids.

In the end, his body mass index went from 28.8 to 24.9, which is pretty drastic if you consider his “diet”, and his “bad” cholesterol, LDL, went down twenty percent. For some, this begs the question, what accounts for weight loss? Is it mainly calorie restriction? Could you theoretically just eat junk food all day, so long as it doesn’t exceed 1800-2000 calories?

Ideally, that would be nice. However, most dietitians will disagree. Registered dietitian Catherine Kruppa of Houston, a licensed dietitian who recently spoke live on Houston’s Fox affiliate network about the issue, says that while Kaubman’s cholesterol levels decreased, medical professionals might be looking at the wrong markers to determine what stimulates weight loss."

read the whole story: http://www.hivehealthmedia.com/long-term-effects-snack-centric-diets/

WTF? How was this man not starving all day? He had one serving of vegtables at dinner and the rest of the time ate crappy twinkies, little debbies, oreos and sugary cereal? The small amount of fiber in the veggies surely isnt enough to keep him full....at most the veggies he ate might have been 100-150 calories, so your telling me the left over 1650 calories he ate all that junk? How the hell did all that processed sugar help him lose weight? I dont get it...

that is crazy! i cannot believe someone who knows medicine would actually do this. this is horrible, and i hope no one thinks this is a smart thing to do, cause eating twinkies and all that processed food is so bad.

Agreed. You know there are a few people out there who will try it simply because they will think if a doctor did it, then it must be safe :S


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