When I complain that I just want a normal life in talking ab

When I complain that I just want a normal life in talking about my panic disorder and someone says "Well there's really no such thing as a normal life" I get so frustrated, because I know they know what I mean. I just want to go to work, come home, **** around on the computer, and hang out with my friends on weekends. That is not a myth. That is a life that millions of people live. When I say I want a normal life, that's what I mean and I know people know that's what I mean.

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I guess they are just trying to help you to feel better but really they have no clue what it is like to live with this torment. Just try not to be angry at them and remind yourself that they are trying to encourage you and be kind. I understand, I want the same thing you do. = (

@barbriellen Yeah. Sorry. I just have a short fuse today because I’m dealing with a convergence of high anxiety, adrenal fatigue, and depression.

hi. i wish i could have a normal life too.....stay strong.

@ms.depression Thanks. You too.

When people don't suffer from what we have they don't know how we feel really. They dont know that what they do on a daily basis and comes naturally or easy to them can actually really hard for others. But its ok because WE know what you mean.

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@kittie Thanks. I like your screen name. Mostly because my real name is Kitty. Not even short for anything. It’s just what my parents named me.

Aw thats awesome. I wish my real name was kittie. But i just really love cats. Lol

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@kittie Ironically, I’m more of a dog person. I like cats too, but I love dogs.

Hope you don't mind I have been reading through all of your posts. You sound exactly the same as me. I understand I really really do.

@kindness1 Thanks.

I get courage from how you keep trying, you are an inspiration .

@kindness1 Thank you. But it took me four years of letting the agoraphobia control me before I finally started standing up to it. A big part of where that courage came from was reading The Un-Agoraphobic by Hal Mathew, years of therapy, and my dad losing his car which forced me to go on outings alone. For years I listened to the agoraphobia “I can go out. What if I have an attack while I’m out” but then one day I was like “You know, I probably will have an attack when I go out, but I’ll survive it, so I’m going out anyway”

I really need to start standing up to it, I wasn't doing to bad with little walks with my dog everyday but then some peoples dog got snatched off them for dog baiting and set me right back again but I will get there. It has been great hearing your story today, thank you. I would be interested to know how your early morning shop visits go.

@SunnyTomorrow What in that post was a trigger?

I understand! My screen name says it all. I just wanted a normal husband and people say there is no such thing as normal. But I just mean like a husband who lives his wife and doesn't be vicious to me. Just a life I expected to be the norm . Xo

I thought it was me getting told off, ha ha joined the group for one day and get told off.

I totally understand where you're coming from. I went through panic disorder badly for years and years. I couldn't even ride in a car with anyone, and it was excrutiating and embarrassing just riding with my husband at the time...we usually would drive separately wherever we went. No one understood. I wish people could easily put themselves in others shoes and open their mind to what we're feeling and why we do the things we do. It's usually a defense mechanism.

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Oh dear it was you that got told off, not me. It has made me laugh if nothing else.

But she didn't mean to upset you, she was talking about her own issues. I am very sorry that you had an awful thing happen to you and I hate to think of you still suffering and I am sorry I laughed x

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