When I first came to sg I was a mess, really! My brain was b

When I first came to sg I was a mess, really! My brain was bleeding and I had no clue, I knew I was sick but didn't understand the serious situation I was in... I'm certain my post made no sense at all... But still people reached out and cared! A couple weeks later I finally got the medicaid I needed and went straight to the hospital. One look at me and straight into the ct scan... What followed was two miserable weeks away from my little dog and my comfort zone... I can feel my mind getting better and better everyday... I finally got medical help... I thought I was going insane to be honest,....so although I came very close to dying, I was just happy I wasn't insane... I'm crazy enough as it is... Lol hehehe but now I'm on the right blood pressure meds and diet, and just got the go ahead to start losing the weight. I've met many people on line, but have yet to actually venture out....hum... I'm here if you need a shoulder... I've been through almost everything... Not only has it made me a better person, but a stronger one as well... And I couldn't live without helping others... I know what it's like when no one cares... Hang in there, and don't shy away from doctors or support groups, or therapy... These things will change your life in a way you never thought possible.... Reach out to someone today, it's very rewarding to lend a shoulder to another... Big hugs! Sleep tight...

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Hi TheUnloved. It's so good to read your positive news. I remember very well how tough things were for you only recently. You've come a long way, girl! :)
Having been rea!ly low and made it through, the dark times do change the way you feel about life. You are already looking back and learning from the situation and you will continue to do so - and you are a great SG moderator! Well done!

@Yodafan You have a tough group… I was an abused child, so I’m very aware. I try to drop by your group and post something for you… Hugs! Many thanks, you keep me well :))