When I was a kid i would constantly play with my hair and my

when I was a kid i would constantly play with my hair and my family would watch me and be so afraid I'd develop trichotillomania because my aunts had it all her life. My mom brought it up with me and I always told her it was crazy to think I'd pull out my hair. Also my moms told me to never tell my aunt about my hair pulling because she has problems of her own and she would most likely blame herself for passing it on to me. I'm 18 now and over the past couples of years its turned into pulling out my hair and this year has just been horrible. I CANT STOP pulling out my hair. i cry myself to sleep trying not to pull it out because Im getting a huge bald spot on the top of my head. I finally brought up the courage to tell my doctor and have now been diagnosed. I'm now on a waitlist for a psychiatrist but I have so many questions and even seening all these people on here who suffer from the same thing I do I've never felt so alone. I have no one to talk to who has trich and I feel like I'm being controlled by my hair. If anyone has any tips or any infomation that helped you that would be so amazing

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We're all here for you. I'm 18 too and i really feel alone too but this is why this group is here. if you wanna talk i can.

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@sunnydays18 thankyou it means a lot

Im 12 and i fell the same way. There is one thing that might help though. Have you tried to wear a hat all day without taking it off? I have to wear my hat otherwise i will pluck and pluck and pluck. What i would also do is inform your teachers and so if your not wearing your hat your teachers can help stop you from plucking. I had to come forward to my teachers because i was plucking so bad in school. Also inform your mom and dad so when you feel like you cant stop plucking they could maybe think of a way to keep your mind off plucking. Oh and i have trich for 2 to 3 years know.

@Wolf_Girl12124 thank you I’ll try wearing a hat today! my parents know so if they see me pulling they politely tell me to stop

From Hair Loss & Baldness to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)