When I went out today to a medical building I had to walk by

When I went out today to a medical building I had to walk by a Dairy Queen. That is a moment of discomfort. I don’t eat that kind of food anymore so I could smell it and it was tempting. Same thing coming out of the building. Had to quickly get away. Now it’s times like this when I have an appointment, that I make sure I fill up on the things that I do want to have before I go. And if I don’t have time to get it in, I have it with me. Because if I was in that moment and was really hungry I could have caved. Or if I didn’t have something with me.

I got this new juice machine. It’s an omega 800 and I love it so much. I can do spinach in it. So I put that with apple ,lemon. Then I will pour it into my blender that has more spinach banana and some Spirulina powder and ice and mix all that up. There’s a whole Lot of ways to do it. I can just drink the juice by itself. I can just make the smoothie. I can put different ingredients. I have a new blender coming in a few days and it will be a lot easier. What are you guys making today.

Love the vitamix!  I don't even have a juicer anymore because that thing pulverizes everything!  I put spinach in my smoothy all the time and I figure the juicer gets rid of stuff, liquifying it all has to be healthier.  

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Oh yeah! The vitamix is awesome!
I see many people use them and talk about them. I wanted one so bad but it was just a little too much for me at the moment and you’re right I got a cheap one more coming to use until I can get the vita mix later. Oh… I wish I had one of those.