When it comes to being supportive and helpful, my family and

When it comes to being supportive and helpful, my family and "friends" are the worst. So I'm hoping someone on here could at least talk to me. Maybe tell me I'm being over dramatic.. Or to tell me that I have every right to raise hell.. I just hope someone can say something helpful, and can read all this without getting bored.
My husband and I have been married 3 years, together 4... In August of last year, I found out That my husband had been sending naked pictures to random women, via snap chat, texting, email, all of it. And he had even been getting on "hook up" websites to find people to have sex with. (And honestly, I have NO clue if he actually slept with anyone. He says he didn't, but I don't believe him...) Anyways, he has been doing this since we started dating, and he says that he started by watching porn and just one thing led to another.. I agreed to work things out, as long as he stopped doing all these things.
Two nights ago he told me to do something on the Internet on his phone and he didn't clear his history... He's been watching porn again, and has been for a while now.
I know this is a guy thing, but with things that have happened in our past, I'm afraid he's still doing everything else, too... Because he did blame porn for his other addictions...
I haven't flipped out yet but, I'm 35 weeks pregnant with our 2nd baby and I can not stop crying. idk what to do./ I just need someone to talk to. To tell me if I'm over reacting or if I have a reason to flip out.. Because I feel it coming.

@BDTW2013 I'm so sorry for what your going thru. It's very hard to work things out if you don't feel like your husband's being totally honest with you about everything. I spent 8 months after our Dday getting my husband too admit a little bit of truth here and there, mostly after I discovered more details of his infidelity. Every new discovery was like reliving the devastation I felt on Dday over and over again. It would have been much easier to start healing if he would have been totally honest about everything upfront. I understand your not wanting to talk to family or friends. It's hard to share what your feeling with people who haven't had similar experiences.

@Hypervigilant i actually went to my mom and aunt about this once… My mom told me I deserved it and my aunt told me to get over it… So my family isn’t who I wanna go to at all :frowning:

@BDTW2013 Wow, saying you deserved it is pretty cruel and people who say to " just get over it" don't have a clue what your feeling. I'm new to this site as well, but it looks like it's a good place to share your story with others, vent if you need too and maybe get advise from people who have had similar struggles. At least here we're not alone.

First of all be strong for the baby I mean it. As far as your problem is concerned think about it. Do you need your spouse support? Once you get answer you can deal with this issue. Forgive me if my suggestion feels wrong.