When LGBT Teens Face Bullying at Home Too

This is a very important and informative article about LGBT teens that not only deal with bullying in school, but at home as well;

"The term "bullying" refers to someone who habitually intimidates weaker people. We usually think of classmates as bullies, and indeed for most of the national conversation about bullying, we have been talking about how "it gets better" with regard to bullying because one grows up and out of the context where the bullies dominate.

Recently, President Obama posted an "It Gets Better" message to teens. The Obama message goes far to encourage LGBT teens to realize that it gets better but fails to speak to the people that really matter in these teens' lives: their parents.

A quarter of LGBT teens who come out to their parents are thrown out of the house. A third of homeless youth are LGBT. What happens to these kids? Their self-esteem is shot, often for life, as they try to find a place to live. Drugs and prostitution replace school as a way of life. At the most critical time of their lives, their parents have denied them the support they need to become productive adults...."


        Source: The Huffington Post, by Darren Rosenblum, 11/2/10

This really saddens me. I mean you have a kid and then throw it ouy just because of who they like. It's still the same kid you've raised for so many years. Why do things have to change? It's so horrible that parents don't support their kids who are struggling and throw em out like garbage. It pisses me off some people really just shouldn't be allowed ot have kids. It sucks because I know a lot of good people out there who can't have kids but would be great loving parents and I also know people with kids where I'm like daaam this person is having a kid ohh noo I feel bad for that kid cuz that person shouldn't have kids and the poor kid is going to be messed up. but what can ya do about it? like I have a cousin that's gay but is in a pretty huuuge closet lol though he's just very gay my gaday literally beeps when I'm around him lol. I <3 him he's awesome and pretty much everyone in the family can tell but he'd never come out of his closet. HE's kinda flamboyant too is the thing lol and dresses in tight clothes and like it's been confirmed by some that he's gay and like I know people in the family talk about it n make fun of things that have happened like we like him n everyone hangs out with him but they kinda know he's gay but he won't come out n say it and he's like almost 40 but not married and HOT girls like die for him like they want him and like nada. he talks of all the girls he's dated but we all know lol but I htink that if he did come out the boy cousins n unccles n stuff would be critical like yooo u like dick! or like whenever someone if gay they say ohh he's like so n so or like other guys won't want to hang around n get too close cuz they think he's gonna hit on em or stupid stuff you know but like come one! if you're straight you don't like any one of the opposite sex and you're not going after everyone! (unless you're certain gusy out there lmfao) it's the same if you're gay like just cuz you're a gay guy doesn't mean you're attracted to every guy out there or if you're a lesbian doesn't mean you like every single girl like it doesn't work that way. I think people need to be more educated and accepting but culture and religion has A LOT to do with it! ESPECIALLY religion. b/c culture is one thing but education can change your perspectives but often religious beliefs jsut can't be swayed and it sucks. I mean why should it affect you what 2 other people do? You're not involved in it. it's not like you're participating or they are attacking you! They are doing things on their own so it's their business. I have gay friends and they r super funny n I like hanging out with some of my gay guy friends over striaght gusy jsut cuz they r so much more fun =/ I wish the world was more accepting of everyone not just LGBT but just everyone in general but...

Why doesn't anyone address that issue? I want to send this article to my family, I really do. But yet again I am paralyzed by fear. I was punished for wearing a shirt the said "legalize gay, repeal prop 8," in addition to hearing things such as "no one cares what you think," "do you think people care about you? They don't." I wasn't allowed out of the house for weeks. How could I possibly come out to them? And is coming from my own family. It makes me want to cry. I can handle hearing homophobic things from people at school or on the streets, I don't are about them. But when I hear it from family, it's an indescribable pain.

So I hide it. I'm this whole other person when I'm with family. I feel like I'm lying to them about who I am. I feel like the real me has no family...

I worry about the kids who have it worse than I do. I can only imagine what they're going through.

oh Gaby I’m so sorry for your pain and lack of support at home. It sucks that you have to hide who you are for fear of rejection. Do you think they’d throw you out if they knew you were gay? Do you have friends and other people that know and support you?

I totally agree with Rose, it's time for a new therapist, one that you click with. I am glad that you are trying a new one. I know that you will get through this time with your family and come out to them at the right time. They definitely need to be educated and maybe an article like this could help open their eyes and minds.