When Pain Returns

So, what can one do when the pain of the past returns?.....all the things my husband has done to me comes and hits me in a big wave and I am sooooo hurt. It happens sometimes. I could hardly stand when I was pregnant with my first born and the whole time he pressured me to have sex..he would make me feel horrible. All I did was sleep and throw up. My circulation was horrible and I was so weak! He was doing porn all the time...so why did he pressure me so much. It made me feel so unloved. He made me feel like nothing.....

It just gets me sometimes...that I am married to a man that would treat me the way he does (Hopefully did)

Much love,
Thank-you so much for any responses!


If he treats you that badly, I would seriously rethink what's going on in the relationship--what you're giving, what you're getting, and why you're both in it. I'm not urging you to leave him, but are you getting any marriage and/or individual counseling? I think that could help a lot... Remember, YOU'RE WORTH IT!

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