When someone is honest, loyal and loving for 6 long years. w

When someone is honest, loyal and loving for 6 long years. what could make him cheat?

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Curiosity. Having doubts about the direction of his life and instead of talking about it he tests the waters. But whatever it is,it isn't your fault. Hugs.

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We all make mistakes. men especially we look at our current lives and what we have and we look at the greener grass for a moment. not every man cheats but after about 3 years he starts to get bored with what he has. this boredom isn't something he will express because he doesn't want to hurt you but if he cheats it usually means it got to a point were there was something e wasn't getting. If your willing to forgive him and continue on find what he was missing and talk to him about it.

he had a whole other rel for over a year!
he doesn't know i know.
he covered his guilt very well, because he is a very honest person and this affair was hurting him more than it hurt me.
I had issues for two years before that, and he stood by me and took my crap. i was sellfish and took him for granted for years.
now the affair is over and he is still here, hanging by a thread.
How do i win him back???

@Ray.ald it doesn’t matter how shitty you were. He should have just left if it was so bad. But if your wanting to work it out,just sit down with him and have an open and judgment free conversation. You can’t face your problems if they are not out in the open. Also maybe some couples and single counseling will really help things along.