When the secret service interviewed me I told them I was bei

When the secret service interviewed me I told them I was being recruited by terrorist groups domestic and abroad. I asked for help. They said they only worry about the presidents safty. I said its on tape keep the recordings. No one ever followed up with me. What do I do I am repeatedly asked to join terrorist groups. I only sign contracts with countries. As a minor under Chao Lin. But I was young and scared. I though Chao Lin was protecting me. I have called 911 the White House and had an FBI agent call me just once. He said he gets calls like this everyday. And never talked to me. I'm so scared sometimes. I don't know what's going to happen. I have been threatened to be tortured. They said they would break out my teeth with a hammer and cut out my tounge. If I did not obey them. They have threatened to take my daughter. I know when I was young I was mixed up in some bad stuff but I'm 33 now and having to deal with the after math. I can't tell my therapist, I don't want anyone to be in danger, I have been hiding for a very long time I just don't know what to do. But I'm ready to die or get help trying it's not my fault my father was Kkk. Any advice? Or hotline I can call can someone find me a number to try to report this with out them coming to my house and arresting me? Like a tip line that is confidential? I know I should post online put at this point I don't care, maybe someone in this group could help or know someone who could help. I am not a gang member, well kind of once. But when it started to get to violent I got out.


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Okay wow but what do I do? I mean I'm trying to cover my butt! I'm being very careful but still how long can some one hide.

Well i wish I had a good answer for you

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I call 911 a lot because they record that stuff so I have exsplained it in 911 calls. So if some one kills me. There would be a trace. I call from pay phones. It's mostly they want my writing.

There is no terrorist recover groups. Or confidential lines the White House did not even help me. Not one tip line. God our country is stupid. But I should say I am a proud American proud to be stupid I guess.