When will this end?

When will this end?

What specifically ?

Wrote a whole post about it and it never appeared. Are the posts delayed until they are approved first?

@ChronicDreamer Also, my profile won’t save and update


There are definite glitches on this site...I think the more you post the less time it will take for your messages to appear hopefully. Are you using internet explorer ?

Ugh. It was long. I'll have to repost it tomorrow. Thanks for replying. I really need support. I feel so hopeless right now. Been dealing with this since I was a kid. I'm 41 now and every time I think I'm finally getting better, I crash again. I'm losing hope that I'll ever live a normal, functioning life.

Yes, Internet Explorer.

Sorry it didn't show up. Whats causing you to crash - any idea ?

Omg. I wrote another post about how I'm feeling. Did it not go through? Why are the longer ones not appearing?

@ChronicDreamer Oh, there it is

Don't panic - the site can be slow at times but the messages usually appear fairly quickly

I'd like to think it's just time for a meds change, but I always pictured myself with a successful career and family. Instead, at 41, I live in a small strip mall city (I'm from Brooklyn and can't afford to return) alone living on SSDI and babysitting. I think the reality of my life is surpassing the meds. Not sure.