When you get in the donut hole, what do you do when you have

when you get in the donut hole, what do you do when you have no $ for meds that without you won't be here , ss can't help income is to much social services says I make $400 a year to much with my and my wife's income. for any help I have tried the drug co. and everyone else I could think of. I welcome any ideas, thank you.

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Sometimes your local hospital's behavioral health dept have programs to help you get your meds. Give them a call, tell them your situation n as if there are any assistance programs. Best if luck

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thank you so much , I go to a great hospital so I will contact them,

@willied -wonderful! -give it a try and keep us posted

the hospital that I go to did in fact help me out with insulins. and I now finally have a appointment at the VA so I will go there. it also helps if you can talk to your congressman (and he is a vet) and your wife has a attitude. (that helped) thank you all for your help and support...

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@willied -lol- wives with attitude can get stuff done for sure.(been there, done that)- I am so happy you were able to get your insulin! -wonderful news!! -keep us posted on your progress! -Best wishes!