When you live in a homophobic society and you dont go out ho

When you live in a homophobic society and you dont go out how do you meet people?

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I spent my life shutting out the world, so I know what it is like not meeting people. For a few months now I have been visiting those gay hook up and dating sites on the internet, even Craigslist. Haven't signed up for one yet still trying to figure out which one are good and the ones to avoid.

i have met some nice guys on craigslist, be careful tho, some are real jerks

I met my partner on a site, yahoo personals. I am not sure if that even exists any more. That was nine years ago. We wouldn't have met at all if it weren't for that. I also found a Metropolitan Community Church about an hour away in a bigger town and met a lot of nice friends there. Good luck in your search.

Aside from Craigslist, what are your opinions on the other gay dating and hook up sites?

@nhrb some of them are good i found squirt.org to be great met several nice guys on that site

What kind of guys do you find on there? I wouldn't say I'm in the best of shape.

@nhrb i’ve met all kinds, just be yourself and be honest…

Looking at the sites, I'm trying to decide between squirt.org, hookuphunter.com, or mennation.com.

@nhrb mennation.com is good site also good luck