Where do I go from here?

I have been married 10 years to a person I thought was my soul mate. Well I guess I was wrong. God blessed us with a awesome 8yr old boy and a beautiful 5 year old girl.My whole life has been about being the best dad and husband I can be. I have always been the sole provider for our family but the last year has been very rough trying to find steady employment. I am in the construction industry and its been hit hard in this economy.Anyway, one day out of the blue my wife says she found a cheaper house to rent so I was excited to save the money. Then she tells me shes taking the kids and moving in herself giving me two weeks notice. I have been bouncing from family member to family member trying to find anything to support myself and my kids. I have been able to see and take my kids on the weekends but I dont know if its better to see them or not. Everytime its time to take them back to my wife they cry and cry begging me not to go. It rips my heart out and theyres. I ask my wife if there is anything I can do to try and fix this and she tells me get a job and then maybe we will talk. I apply everywhere from retail stores to fast food but they all say I am overqualified. How do I pull myself up and not feel like such a loser? Any help is appreciated

Last year I inquired about getting help hanging Christmas lights. I couldn't believe how much it cost for this service and this is seasonal so I understand they make a killing while they can. If you get started now maybe that is something you can do on the side to generate some income between now and just before Christmas. And if your rates are actually somewhat lower than the competitors it is sure to generate business. Put signs out on the street corners or near retail shops where they are allowed and there will be a good amount of traffic.

The fact that you are trying to find something says something positive about you so keep your chin up. You may have to settle for something part time or not exactly what you really want if those bites do come your way so you have some income you can count on until you find a better long term solution. Many companies won't hire until after the first of the year when they have new monies to hire so don't get discouraged right now. When I got out of college in May years ago it took until Feb to get a new job I realy wanted and I was so depressed as I was starting out.

As for the holidays many companies need seasonal help so now may be the time to find something for the short term that could even turn into a long term opportunity. Keep your chin up and keep believing in yourself.

Hey I just found this site and saw your post. to me it seems that you need to continue to see your kids as much as you can. I also think that even though you may love your wife you must understand that she in her vowes (comonly used ones) said something about suporting you. she has not, and worse yet it sounds as she has put a price tag on that. You need as I do better suport than that my friend.
I am in a similart situation except that I am happy to not be with her any more. It still is hard cause I love my kids and have to deal with the fact they are not in my home all the time. it has been 5 weeks since moving them into another place. I also am short on the funding to pay all the bills. It is a pain in the arse.
Anyway I am messed up and lonely. I apreciate the post and wish you the best.