Where do I turn to? Im so lost today. Depressed, I guess. In

Where do I turn to? Im so lost today. Depressed, I guess. In one those moods where no ambition, motivation, exists. Im just here. I don't know how anyone can stand me. It hurts so bad. All I want to do is cry. Curl up under my blankets, never come out. And cry. Why am I such a bad person to be like I am

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You are not a bad person. Why don't you unload a bit. Tell me what seems to be bothering you today.

@Joshd21 i woke up this way. I should be happy. I have xmas photos tomorrow with my fiancee. But all i can think of is how sad i am. I know doing my nails, putting on makeup, fixing my hair, would make me feel better. But I have no motivation. The sadness consumes me

u r not alone I and others feel the same sometimes

You're not a bad person... I've had times where I felt this way too because of the way things go sometimes, or people who do things that upset me. I learned that only I can change my thoughts to feel better. It's not always easy but it can be done. Trust me on this. Repeat positive affirmations like 'everything is going to be okay' or I'm gonna be okay even if you have to fake it at first, your subconscious mind will eventually believe you if yo keep at it. Hope this helps. Peace

@Blacksheeped yes i like affirmations. I made myself an affirmation box when I was younger. I may do that again.


Sometimes their is no right answer. Have you just been placed on a medication or recently lost someone. Has anything changed in your life. It sounds like basic depression. Lost of interest in things you liked. Nothing wrong with that. Look at all the support you have from me and others. You sincerely are not a bad person.

My brother was recemtly deployed to kuwait and i just found out he's engaged for a third time. I'm pretty disappointed in because I am 30, he is 31.