Where is everyone from?

I'm just curious to where everyone is from?

Iam from Connecticut


TX but live in WA now

I'm from Long Beach California. Born and raised.

Ventura, ca


Phoenix, AZ

Hemel-Hempstead. UK


Czech Republic

In Lithonia Georgia... raised in Buffalo New York

Wow, it is really cool to see where everybody is from. Thanks for the original post Starr.

I'm from Chicago, IL

Arkon Ohio

We're in Alaska! :-)

WOW we are all over the world~~~ :-)

San Francisco, Ca but now in Los Angeles.

hey vic
I am new here. Signed in because of anxiety attacks. I am in Fontana CA and moved from the bay area, San jose. Oakland

any sugestions for me? do you know of any group meetings around here on Anxiety?


Near Auburn Alabama (WAR EAGLE)