Where o where are't tho Suzee

Wondering if Suzee is out there? How she is this day?

Hee hee, I'm here!!! LOL I actually didn't see this post til just now and I started a thread about us making beat-down look GOOD!!! LOL

We've had a pretty busy, productive, theraputic day today!!! Now we are watching and waiting as we have some pretty big storms coming in. Andrew is the last one to get in the shower because we came in filthy dirty!!! I've already gotten my shower, have put on my comfy flannels with 4 pairs of soft heavy socks on my tired twisted feet and am in bed, working on jewelry!! It's almost 5pm here and I just put meatloaf in the oven and baked potatoes... easy supper!! Am working online for a bit to find some stones I need. Am needing to work hard on jewelry. How are you doing today Teddy? How will you be notified of the judges decision? I hope you find out soon as I know that the waiting can be excruciating.

THanks for thinking about me!! Sending hugs, Suzee

that's great that you got out did some yard work and made this world even more beautiful then it was when you were added to it. My day was just another round of waiting tomorrow I go to the women's group to see what they can do for me I let my son go work at his church today even though I know SHE is there but it was a cover for tomorrow I am going to let him go there tomorrow and I didn't want him to think anything about why I would do that so I can get to the support center.
My lawyer said that it could be the end of the week before I hear anything but a few friend here have offered to help me find grants and government programs along with check out what they can about the status of my home so I can have an idea about time I have or options I might have with it so I can relax about that.
You never checked out my inspirational message here did you? I know because you would have let me know silly

I knew you'd find this post one way or another I thought I was being smart to do it this way It did get your attention

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