Where's my Buddies have yall gone to bed?

Twas a couple of nights before Christmas and all through the house
Wendy was missing
Heather was giggling
Wise Fox was chasing the mouse
I just couldn't help myself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Donna was dreaming of Georgia !!!!!!!!!!!!!
To all a Good Night !!!!!!!!

LOL... have a good nights sleep dear...

I bet Ga is missing you too!!!!! Get a good nite sleep!!!


Good Morning !!!!!

Not feeling too hot this morning my Fibro is really acting up in my back. It is 12 degrees here this morning !!!!! I just have to get out of here my poor ole bones and body just can't take this cold place !!!!!!!!!
How are my buddies this morning !!!!!!! I think my body may be getting use to this mgs. of my Fibro med. I have been hurting more than usual the last week. So here we go again to the Doctor and up our med. and see how that is going to work. Do yall ever get down and I am sure yall do - about having to take meds. and deal with this for the rest of our lives ???????? That nothing we ever do will cure our Fibro ????? I know I know but I do think about this and I do get sad and mad that we all have this !!!!!!!!!!! Sorry just whining and making a BOO BOO Face this morning !!!!
Anybody heard from Wendy ????????????????????????????????????????????
Hope her Daddy is OK

Awwhhh Donna honey I'm sorry you have a booboo face today...I hear you about taking meds...its sucks sometimes, but I could bake some cookies and put your meds inside them if you would like!!! To bad I didn't live close to you cuz I would come right over there and climb on the pole and give you a pretty good laugh...well since I can't do that...Let's close our eyes and picture it ok.....second thought let's not...what a sight I got in my mind...lol!!!! Hope you get better girlfriend...I don't like it when my buddy doesn't feel good!!! Take a nice warm bath, make yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate, take a nice warm fuzzy blanket and curl up in your favorite chair and pamper yourself today...you deserve it!!!! I could sing to you again if you would like...hmm.....Oh come all ye fibros, joyful and some sleepy, oh come ye, oh come ye to Donna's house...hmmmm....dadadadad....I'm having Fibro fog right now and I can't think of what the words are.....

Take care buddy...rest up....you are going home and you need all the rest you can get for that move...wish I was there to help you!!!


Aww, Donna, you still crack me up, even when you aint feeling good. Get better soon! Big hugs!


I am tired so going to nappie !!!!! Talk to yall later !!!!!!! I am so excited to be going home !!!! That is where my heart is !!!!!!!!!!!
Just love you guys !!!!

Aww...Hope you feel better!!!!