While I buy big bags of frozen peas and green beans, I buy t

While I buy big bags of frozen peas and green beans, I buy the carrots separately, always organic, slice and dice to add to this dish.
Flavor.. flavor…flavor!

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We buy the precut carrots at grocery store. If my daughters don’t eat by expiration…I slice and sauté (almost burn them) in margarine….tiny bit of basil or dill….

What do you do with your carrots?

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@NCMom Great. That will work. See next post below this one. And I feed them to my dogs too.

When we stop eating McDonald’s, we have to have another option. Because we’re not just gonna stop eating. We’re going to get hungry and grab the first thing we can get our hands on. So, I like to make food in bulk so it is available quickly. And this is how I keep from eating McDonald’s. And it is always a little bit tempting when we go out because we see the restaurants and we smell the food in the air without even realizing that that is what is making us want it. All of the smells in the air around these restaurants. So we also benefit from carrying a small portable lunchbox with us everywhere we go with these items with us. A bottle of water, A bowl of your soup or your fruit. Whatever it is you are normally going to eat when you’re at home. Figure out a way to take it with you.
This is more than just weight loss. It is about removing the bad stuff. Too many chemicals and lack of nutrients to eat that way every day. Just substitute with simple eating. Focusing on flavor. And then if you eat crap once in a blue moon then you will not go back because that is not your norm. And you will miss the flavor. This is real flavor.
The only way you’re going to get anything half as good as this is if you pay a lot of money at an expensive restaurant. And you still don’t know what you’re getting. People get food poisoning every day when they do that.
Just saying. Lol.. :-) xoxo

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You said the ‘M’ word!! (twice)
Oh, my ears, I mean, my eyes, my eyes!!
Talking about a trigger.