Who are you without an ED

I can just see the eye rolling and panic setting in ♥
Some amazing women did what I thought was a great 'exercise' as a group yesterday....
Even though many of us, while in recovery, letting go of the ED and all of it's characteristics, face that task of figuring out who we really are, sans the ED. It's a terrifying picture when you have known nothing else, so to speak.
Even though you may not have a clear picture of your identity without an ED, you do know many FACTS about yourself, and it seems like a great place to start....
--My eyes are Hazel
--I love to laugh
--My hair is a dirty blonde [without highlights] ♥
--I love babies and baby animals [most of them]
--I love to travel
--I am a freak about 'sample' sized products! :)
--I collect frogs and elephants [with their trunks raised, of course]
--I am an RN, but I have many other professional duties in my job
--I'm a Hoosier, but I will never live in Indiana again
--I am a giving person, to a fault at times
--If I commit to something, I follow through
--I am ferociously in love with my husband! ♥

What about you? I think if you begin with facts, you will find that you begin to realize more about who you are inside as well....
Thanks...Jan ♥

I always love these activities! :) No eye-rolling here! ♥

-I am a teacher
-I am reflective/insightful (or so I'm told ♥)
-I adore my cats
-I always try to do the right thing
-I am dedicated to beating my ED, and pulling others along with me ;0)
-I love to travel
-I am shy in crowds or certain situations, but won't shut up once I'm comfortable
-I have blue eyes
-I love to write/create
-I hate cooking
-I think english muffins and peanut butter may be the most perfect foods ;0)

Love you, Jan! ♥


Jen…“pulling others along with me”…love it!!

HUGS…Jan :heart:

No eye rolls!

-I am a graduate student and a full time employee
-I love my dog Bailey
-I have hazel eyes and dark brown hair
-I love to make other people laugh and to laugh with them
-I love to bake, especially when people really like what I make. I love hearing the "OMG this is SO good!"
-I wear my heart on my sleeve, which makes getting hurt an easy process, but when I think about it I wouldn't live any other way.
-I think there is nothing better then a run in the pouring down rain on a summer evening.
-I like my tea plain

We should try to figure one thing out about ourselves per a day and post it... no matter how significant or insignificant you think it is, it's one step closer to knowing ourselves :-)

This morning I learned I like taking my time when getting ready in the morning, it's very relaxing!!

vbundy...great idea!! Let's do it!
Jan ♥

- I am a full time student at university
- I love to help others, hence I am studying I become a nurse
- I have interesting green/hazel eyes with yellow in them
- I have light brown hair that never does what I tell it to :)
- I am really short but good things come in small packages
- I am shy at first but once I am comfortable I never shut up!
- my favorite color is green
- I love organizing everything- especially time
- I secretly hate math and baseball
- I openly hate snow, rain, and cold weather :)
- I bite my nails and never can seem to stop even if I paint them

- I like sleeping in a cold room because I get to cuddle under a bajillion blankets
- I am forever in love with my boyfriend
- I love my dog Otis and my cat Ditch
- I have a secret obsession with watching Hannah Montana :P
- I love doing art; especially photography
- I love to write; especially in my journal
- I have brown hair and short brown eyes
- I like cooking
- I am a messy person
- I love Halloween because I get to dress up in costumes
- Sandwiches are delicious
- Laughing is always a good cure
- I love the person my boyfriend brings out on me....which is really, the real me

Great thread Jan <3

cool idea, jan--i do love these also...

jen--i thought i was the only one who loved english muffins and peanut butter! i thought it was my food creation--ha...hahahaha

ok identity without ED

--i love animals and cats and dogs(but dont have them)i have alot of fish though!

--i am kind and loving

--I have blonde hair and hazel green eyes

--i love music and reading. i like studying english/literature.

--yeah, i think we all know of my butterfly obsession-ha

--i love cotton candy and cotton candy body sprays

--i love moisturiszer and perfume--i think aromatherpy reduces stress and makes you happier..

--i am almost 34 years old! ha--birthday around the ccorner! yay!

--i am arabic, irish, french and scotish( intersting mix, i know--ha)

--i soooo adore music--i totally lifts me up when im down. i also like singing and dancing...

--i love mexican food and for deserts--cake and ice cream

--i love poetry and love writing it( alhtough i havent for a long time.)

--i want to be a writer one day and go to college...

--i want to learn spanish someday

--i love nature---the ferocious beauty of it---warms my heart

-- i like t.v shows of the 90's and 80's but dont like t.v. of today..

--im not a movie person but i do watch and enjoy romantic comedies(chick flicks which my fiancee hates--ha)

--i do love the sunshine but i dont like it when it is really hot. i also love love snow!

--my favorite time of year is either fall or spring...summer--not so much... and i love christmas time cause everyone is so giving...

--i am a PINK FREAK! i adore anything pink! my fiancee knows that and always teases me---by saying you so remind me of that girl from 'Legally Blonde!" hahahaha
i also do love green and turquiose....

--i have a cat obsession and would love to have one.

-- i too, like jan, love my fiancee as he has always been there for me thorugh all of my hard, tough times

--i love hot chocolate and Big RED chewing gum--but my doctor said i couldnt have any gum cause of my stomach problems! ugh!

--i just think all of you on here are the most wonderful people in the world. no lie...

--i am also shy to a fault and have problems with social anxeity--but im working on that problem...
id love to more open like i am on here...

love you guys and love this excercise!

this is so much fun reading everyones!

- i have blue eyes and blond hair that is naturally curly but i straighten a lot
- i am 28 years old
-i am a personal trainer
- i love reading and spending time out side with my dog malvin
- i'm getting married 1 MONTH FROM TODAY! and am soooo excited to spend my life with my fiance
- i have 2 brothers that have made me very tough over the years
-i love cooking healthy things for people and seeing them enjoy it!
- i am a horrible liar
- i am a dedicated, loyal friend
- i believe that i am much stronger of a person than i give myself credit for

love to you all.... thanks jan for the great topic!


OMG J! I didn't know you are getting married in a month!! CONGRATS!!!

i know!!! exciting! i get my final dress fitting today!

--I am 41 yrs old

--I am a mother of 2 kids and L♥VE them with all my heart

--I love my dog Tucker and my cats Teddy and Trixie

--I have blue eyes and brown hair

--JEN and Christa I LOVE toasted english muffins with Peanut butter TOO:) My Fave!!

--I enjoy photography

--I Love nature and in the summer sleep with my windows open listening to the crickets sing

--I love the country and love the golden wheat fields blowing in the wind in summer time I love how they ripple in the wind

--christmas is my favorite time of year because I love the hustle and bustle of everyone buying gifts for their loved ones and love the christmas lights twinkling and the x-mas music playing

--I love music especially something upbeat and fun

-- tea is my favorite beverage

--Allee I am short too and agree good things come in small packages

--Ive been told I am very articulate when I speak

--and I love the beautiful sunsets over the lake in the summer its great living so close to the beach

I usually do more reading than sharing but these are some of my favorite exorcise. Mostly because it's such a joy to feel the excitement and joy that everyone else puts into their list.

-I am a 44 years young.

-I have know my husband for 26 years and been crazy happily married for 22 of them.

-I am the mom of 5 wonderful sons, 18-8 years old.

-I have reddish blond hair to match 3 of my sons.

-I LOVE music. I sing, a lot. And I teach music and band (my passion).

-I am a great seamstress (too bad I had boys and not girls :-) the boys never wanted to wear the cute dresses I wanted to make).

-I greatly enjoy baking. It is a huge stress reliever of mine.

-My favorite color is yellow. And I love being out in the sun.

-Summer is my absolute favorite time of year. I like being hot and sweaty and the lighter the clothes the better. In the winter, my electric blanket is my favorite bedroom accessory, lol

-I am not shy. I actually come off as very confident. However, I am one of the most insecure people that I know.

-I like peanut butter on OREO's, not so much English muffins.

*I love life! I just don't always like the choices that I'm making even when I know I could make another.

As we all are, I'm working on it. :-)) Great exercise! Thanks Jan

I just have to say I love BOTH oreo's with peanut butter or peanut butter with english muffins! Two of the best creations ever! HAHA actually I think peanut butter is the best creation ever because it makes everything taste amazing


Thanks to you all...keep it coming!! I love learning more about all of you, and I hope you find this type of 'exercise' helpful in understanding and embracing YOU in a more nonjudgmental way!! Have a great one!!
btw..I LOVE peanut butter as well!! ♥

I am 25.

I love my children
I have blonde hair
I have blue eyes
I love music...
I am having a hard time finding other positive qualities about myself today. ummm.

I can cook like the dickens
I like to take pictures
i love going for long walks :)

i am...

a bellydancer.
a reader.
a writer.
a caretaker of mother earth.
one who prefers music over the tv.
a pretty good vegan cook.
a loyal, dependable sister and daughter.
am also a hoosier, and will NEVER live in indy again.
a hiker.
a camper.
a creative mama of 2 adored children.

thanks, jan!

-I am new here
-My name is Sarah
-My eyes are green
-I am deeply in love
-I can play a mean electric guitar
-I live on a farm with 3 dogs and 5 horses
-I just celebrated my first 29th birthday. ;)
-This is the first year in 5 years that I will not be able to participate in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day 60 Mile walk. I have personally raised over 10,000 dollars for Breast Cancer research and support of the cause. (My eating disorder has taken this from me this year)
-I am a Pharmacy IT Tech
-I love to read
-I love nature
-I love hiking and outdoor activities
-My favorite color is yellow
-I have lots of freckles. :)

That's all I can think about right now. :)

Sarah Kate,

I signed up for the 3 day walk for the first time this year, but my ED is also keeping me from participation… I’m sorry… :heart: Maybe next year. :slight_smile:



Talk about laughing out loud! I love this! And I love learning new things about all of you! I bet if this continues, you all will learn new things about yourselves as well! Love to you all...Jan ♥