Who considers your spouse searching on dating sites and Crai

Who considers your spouse searching on dating sites and Craig's List for personal adds cheating?

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I dont unless they are actually meeting people but its very hurtful and makes you not trust them in my opion. I'm dealing with the exact same thing and its very hard to even think about cause I know if he's looking he is looking for a reason .:(

@Kaliannesmommy09 thank you for your response. I’ve caught my husband doing that three times over the last eight years. He’s always promised not to do it again with him most recently doing it again three months ago. It is vey hurtful, and I don’t trust him. I’m just tired of his behavior and broken promises. We have been together 19 years and married 11 yrs with no children. Not sure why I stay.

I understand how you feel its hard to decide what to do to when you really love them . has he acted on it or cheated before ? If you don't mind me asking I'm not sure if mine has from the site but he looks at escorts so I'm sure he has since he has cheated on me numerous times before . :(

I can't say for certain if he's cheated on me. However, he's had a Matchmaker account, he's searched a lonely husband site, and Craig's List for women in the vicinity of where we live for sex. I confronted him, and he said he was only looking and not done anything. Since he is a bigger guy, he says he does it to look because nobody would want him. That is a pitiful response to make me feel sorry for him.

@sunnydays77 does he have a secret email account? My husband had several. At this point my husband is going to SAA (sex addicts anonymous) he he seeing a therapist, and I have a program on our computers that tracks and logs everything. He has put me at risk of STDs and made me feel miserable. I was kicking him out and he was begging and pleading to let him stay. I will not be put at risk anymore, if I catch him pulling this stupid stuff again he is out. I know mine has self esteem issues, but I have been a faithful good wife for many years, I deserve better, and am demanding more. I will not be made to feel like I am so disposable and easily replaced. He is lucky to have me, and I will be respected from now on. You deserve to be respected and loved as well. Do not settle for less, life is to short.

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