Who do YOU turn to?

I feel like it's impossible to turn to parents/friends about my ED. I've hinted a few times at my dad but he dismisses it so easily, being like, it's all in your mind, just eat healthily, stop buying junk for your body etc..

And I haven't told my friends either, they support me in all other areas of life that I'm scared of losing them once they know. Sometimes the reason I'm alone is the reason I binge, tbh.

Thoughts and experiences with telling others? Thanks for reading x

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Well, joining here is a good start Janbe, we are all a very supportive group. We all have an understanding of what it feels like to have an ED as most of us, currently have one or have suffered with one.

I am not entirely comfortable talking about my ED with many people IRL either, my mom knows the most followed closely by a really good friend; he has a family member who struggled with an ED so he gets it.

If there is no one currently in your life that you feel like w ill listen with an open mind/heart, why not try and see if you can talk to someone who specialises in ED's? Or if that is not possible, your family doctor?

hmm it is always good to reach out to others about what you are going through cause isolation will keep you more in the ED. is there anyone you trust you can tell?

someone you know who will listen???


It can be scary to let someone in and trust them, but it is worth it to have that support system. I kept mine hidden for a long time but I finally have reached out and that fear of rejection was not as bad as I made it out to be. It is worth it to get that support, either from friends, family or a doctor.

Keeping quiet about it definitly won't help, but obviously you know that! You said that you tried hinting at it with your dad? Maybe you could sit him down and have a real heart to heart with him. Express the severity of the situation and how serious this can be. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, is there a really close friend possibly that you could talk to? I know for me that my best friend was really supportive when i told her. I guess you never can tell how they'll react though until you actually tell them. But im sure if you're really close they aren't just going to leave you! Maybe you could also do what Gina suggsted.. someone who specializes in ED? That could help.

Lots of love,


I understand that feeling of fear... It's so hard for us to imagine others accepting us, warts and all, when we have a such a hard time accepting ourselves. For me, I have confided in a good group of supportive friends and a few family members... I had to be reminded by my therapist that I would just know when the time was right to share, and I've proven that I really can trust myself to do that... ♥ Of course, I've found it's easier to tell people once recovery is well under way... But it's when you're struggling that you most need the support of others... Think carefully about what YOU need... It sounds like you're conflicted because you really do want to reach out. That's GOOD! ♥ Be selective. Don't feel like you have to say more than you're ready to say. And maybe stick to a very small group of supporters for now... As you become more comfortable, you'll find that expanding that support base becomes easier. :)



Welcome Janbe!! I hope you can see already that this site is a supportive and safe place. I hope you will also continue to share and reach out....take care..Jan ♥

I feel the same way you do Janbe me and my dad don't have a good relationship, and my friend over reacts when she hears bad news. I am going to talk to a psychologists is kinda scary, i have a appointment in a couple weeks and i am totally dreading it.