Who on here is still around that remembers me? want to know

who on here is still around that remembers me?? want to know how you all are doing although hocd isnt bothering me as much its still there as well as depression and social anxiety plus the past like 4 girls i had sex with i couldnt finish and im sure you know the thoughts rolling through my head were "oh dude its because your'e gay" but i have had hocd long enough to know its not true i think it has to do with depression and social anxiety causing my libido to not even be there lost the pleasure to have sex you know.? anyways hope you all are hanging in there not looking for reassurance and accepting the gay thoughts remember the more you fight them the bigger hold they have on you and also you cant just sit in your house thinking things are going to get better you have to face your thoughts as much as you possibly can what helped for me was getting a job i stay busy sure the hocd is always there but it gives me the opportunity to face it and learn how to cope with it.

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Glad that you have returned to help others.

Hey - at least you could start some, right ? :D
I get way more anxious about the opposite. "Joking" aside, i am glad to hear you are doing well.

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@drewdog45 yeah man. I remember you. Glad you came back and share how things going. Congratulation on your job and that despite the fears and uncomfortable feeling you are taking action. Keep it up. Thank you for the pieces of advice

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