Who's been .intimate scene they found out they had HSV 1 or

Who's been .intimate scene they found out they had HSV 1 or HSV . How does it feel and how do you feel after do u let this control or life or do you control this

I have. Just recently. About 3 weeks after the diagnosis we were intimate. He grabbed a condom and I wanted to cry bc we never used them and I felt dirty, but I understood. Regardless, it felt good.. No pain, a little discomfort perhaps from not doing it for awhile. And recently we had sex without protection (his choice) and again some discomfort after some time, but he chose not to let HSV rule our relationship, but I left that to him. That help me gain some additional acceptance.. He still wants me.. Just like before. Once the symptoms of my OB were gone it's been easy to go about life without dwelling on it... Life goes on and I won't let something like herpes stop me from enjoying all the other incredible things in life, although I know I will have some depressed days going forward.

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@IAMMORE omg… I’m glad to hear that he must be a. special person to you If you don’t mind me asking what type do you have ?