Why am i obsessed with him?

i cant stop thinking about this guy who is a friend of mine. we flirt, joke, argue, talk. Ok we used to flirt, joke and talk. Now it's just argue. but i hope that changes soon. from the very beginning there was something about him that i was instantly drawn to. and i really like him - we have a good amount in common and understand each other. for the most part - now i am just confused with him. no matter what he says to me out of anger, etc i still care so much for him. and i want to let him know this but he will either ignore it or make me feel stupid. that's how he is - he used to be open and very flirty and talkative with me. even just last week he was like that - on his own he offered and completed doing reserach for me on a career - creating a plan and everything - i was floored - i thought omg he likes me! then this week i think he hates me - ? i dont know what's going on but i really want to reach out to him and talk to him again but i knwo he is not the type to be like that - i have to wait and hope for the best. wtf - i like him - he's a friend - why do i have to wait and wonder - ?????

Hey sweetjane,
This friend of yours sounds really moody. I think you should give him a little space and concentrate on yourself for a while. I know it's hard when you really like someone not to want to be with them.

But he's not a shy guy no? I used to think men were really complex but the basics are if you pull back a little back and see will he try and spend time with you out of his way. Sweetie you shouldn't be getting hurt by someone who is a friend, if he gets snippy with you again put him back in his place.

Sweetie remember that's it's not about trying to figure out how he feels, he hates me, he likes me...the truth is you will never 100% know that until he asks you out. But you need to put your foot down and say I can't put my heart into a relationship where I don't know if he's going to be lovely to me or bite the head off me.

And I know that's hard sweetie, but in situations like these you can only control yourself.

Here if you want to chat
Love to you
Moongal x

thanks but here's the thing - he's just a friend and can be nothing more. but i feel such a connection with him.

And sweetjane,
That's perfectly fine...so you are attracted to him? And if he asked you out, you would say yes? Then how come he can be nothing more?

im married and he has a gf and we live in different countries. i dont feel guilty for liking him but if i did something about it then it would be wrong. i love my husband and all but he's not the only attractive guy in the world. this guy doesnt even know - we are just friends and mainly i just want to be his friend.

i constantly think of him and look for him online on that website. i say and do nothing though....but nor does he. we used to until this past week. i think i really struck a nerve with him and he needs to cool off or something - though he says he is fine - ??
i am dying to chat with him about anything - and i feel like i have to lay low and wait for his move - its killing me!

Oh hun,
I didn't realise you were married. Well sweetie it's obvious you have a crush and that's fine, crushes are perfectly normal but this is something you can't pursue and i think you know that also.

Maybe you did touch a nerve or maybe he's just a bit moody. Ya exactly let him chat when he's ready, but again don't take no crap from anyone hun friend or no friend.

Love ya hun
Moongal x

yes i have a crush. it will probably be short-lived because the more i learn about him the more i realize he is way too hot-headed and off-balanced! but he used to be so sweet and funny and there was just that connection for some reason. i find him very very intriguing (and he has a nice body - he showed it off once). i can look just cant touch. :0) but i really do care for him, crush or not. something about him...