Why and how someone can love and want you with HSV?

This is a reposting from years ago that I think will help anyone new to HSV and this new SG.
Are you wondering how someone can love or want you with herpes? I will tell you how and why I made the choice many years ago. I met a wonderful lady who had many qualities I admired and enjoyed. She also had HSV and told me she had it. I did some research and found it isn’t fatal, doesn’t cause cancer, is easily treatable and is most often so mild you don’t know you have it. I am no knight in shining armor but I would definitely not be the sharpest tool in the shed if I passed on an awesome life partner because I was afraid of a case of intimate acne. What is a few painful if untreated zits compared to a lifetime of happiness with someone who makes you happy? If I had only been interested in a good time I might have chosen not to take a chance. What I chose was to pursue a lifetime of happiness with a few treatable intimate bumps along the road because the good greatly outweighed the bad. I can’t recommend or condemn dating sites that would help you find someone else with the same condition but I can say that someone who would be a good life partner would not pass you by because of bad hype over something that isn’t nearly that bad. Finding one night stands who want to take the risk will be harder. Finding out someone is selfish and only after what they can get from you is a lot easier when you observe how they react to finding out. When someone who likes you for who you are and how happy you both are when you are together finds out you will know you found someone worthy of your heart by observing their reaction. Someone who wants to see you smile because it warms their heart and who wants to make you laugh just to enjoy the beautiful sound will still want to see you smile and hear you laugh for the same reasons. To sum this up someone will want you because of who you are and HSV will be a side note like birth control or acne. The person who will make you happy will want you because of who you are, anything else is just a waste of time that could be spent finding or being with the one who treasures you just as you are. Good luck on your journey to happiness!

Thank you so much for resharing this, it is amazing!