Why are people liars!

So my husband tell me last night that he would come today so that we can talk face to face because he refuses to talk on the phone. He promised that he would come sometime afternoon. Here it is 5:30pm and he still hasnt shown up or returned any of my calls. I dont understand why if he wants this over he just doesnt say so. I dont know why I keep hanging on hoping. I feel so stupid. But I didnt cry today over it. I`m more mad. Mad at him for lying and mad at myself for believeing his lie yet again. This isnt the first time he has said that he was going to do something for me. Hes the one who said that he wasnt going to leave me high and dry. He doesnt realize how strong I am. He been gone for month now and I am doing fine on my own. I was really on my own before he ever left. I just cant wait to the end of the month so I can start the divorce proceeding. I`m so sick of the lies and fakeness. I am ready to be with someone who deserves to love me and me love them back. I am done I can not take it anymore. I know that there is a real man out that wants a real woman. I will find him someday I hope.
I just really needed to get that out. Prayers with all!

Your a wise person to not listen to the carrot dangling/leading you on any longer, just wastes energy getting madder & madder daily. Wish we could all band together for more strength & courage.


Sorry you are going through a tough time right now. I think that you taking the bull by the horns and making the decision to walk away from the situation, sounds to be a good thing. We can't make others do stuff and only have control over ourselves. Obviously this is draining on you, and YOU need to do something to turn the situation around.

I've sat idle before, hoping things would work out and the other person would come around. All that brought me was a lot more wasted time, pain, frustration, and wiped me out. It also allowed them to have control over me in many ways. I know now, that I need to set my expectations out there, and not allow ppl to play games with me or walk on me.
If your partner isn't interested in working things out, or conversing with you, then it's your turn to make the decision. I know it's hard, but you will be better off for it. When we don't take control over our own lives, we allow others to do so.

As far as the lying thing, I think ppl lie because they are cowards. It's too hard for them to just be upfront with what is REALLY going on or what they are REALLY thinking and try to buy themselves more time. Don't buy into it. You are way better than that and you have a life to live! You deserve more;) Wishing you some sort of comfort at this time and the strength to do something to change the situation for the better:)

ATTA girl Manic.

Aweeee,,,,,tank yu April:P

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