Why cant a sum of money just fall into my lap so i can leave

Why cant a sum of money just fall into my lap so i can leave this narcisstic abusive ****! Why!!!!! Im so stuck i hate it. I cant live like this much longer. Everytime he acts like a **** when confronted he spins off into crazy *** deflections and justifications blaming me. Im his **** target all the time, no matter what, i get lashed out on and then he soends hours making me think it was me. I JUST CANT HANDLE IT MUCH LONGER

I wish that could happen for you. Could you look for a way to make some extra cash? Open up your own bank account or hide it somewhere. When you get enough saved to make a break do so?

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If you need to hide it without a bank account consider opening a paypal account online. You could buy prepaid visa cards when you go shopping and upload them or look for ways to make money online. Even if you only manage to make 5 dollars a week in surveys you will know that you are doing something to help yourself get out.

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Thats a good idea. Thanks.

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I hid money in my sons account. I totally understand. Everyday is torture. Mind games. Hell. I too have felt that if I just was able to fall into money it would help so much. Like if I had the savings I had when I met him. If I did win the lottery I would spend it and my life helping people like you and I.

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Exactly...id start a program to help woman in my area to escape. We only have a domestic violence womens center 45 miles away and if im not beat physically or battered im not sure id qualify. And, we need to build a new life smart enough to truly escape and not have to deal with their narcissist **** thatll follow when we get vulnerable

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I hope you find a way out. I'm not disputing your word that it's difficult to get out but it is not impossible and may not be nearly as hard as you think. Cut your losses and make due any way you can to make it without him. I don't know your whole situation at all but I know that sometimes we wait until we're ahead to make a move. It may never happen if you wait too long and meanwhile you are drowning in his narcissistic abuse pit. I hate to see that happen to anyone. Carefully plan your escape with no traces. Utilize any help you can get. I had my own career, own accounts and own property when my exRattleSnake came along. He tried to take over everything and control it all even going so far as to tell me how to spend my own earned money and not to get my nails done or get massages. P*ss on that. I didn't let him control everything but he'd badger me to death and question what I was spending so I started getting cash back at the grocery (when he wasn't breathing down my neck) and putting it in a pill bottle in my purse. It came in handy the day I escaped him on a trip and flew back home. I wish the best for you. Good luck.

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@kelly72 With kids im afraid i can never truly be rid of him. He will go to long lengths to lie and cheat is way into sounding like a good father that deserves visitation. Thats my biggest fear…escaping and then him winning in court and still getting rights to the kids that ill have to abide by. He can fool anyone…seen it. Egh, wish i could just rewind my life.

Thats my fear. He did it once when we seperated and then i took him back. Im scared again itll happen. Have to uproot my entire life and thats so scary

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I totally understand. I filed for divorce and was tortured daily. Until one day he pushed me and I grabbed his shirt and left a small scratch. He called the police and where we live if the police are called someone goes to jail. He had a mark. I have no record, not even a speeding ticket at 37 years old. I was thrown in jail for over three days. I was facing a domestic violence charge which could be 90 days in jail?!? How could this happen? He was the one abusing me physically and emotionally and I was in jail?!? It was enough to loose my mind. He promised to help me get out of the charge if I dropped the divorce. I had no choice. I used my last dollars to pay for the lawyer. I could not face jail time for my children’s sake. Narcissist Personality Disorder is the most horrible and scary thing. They trap you. I understand. You have to do what you need to in order to protect your children and yourself. I hope something comes your way to allow you rescue.


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