WHY can't I get through a single day without eating junk foo

WHY can't I get through a single day without eating junk food?! I try so hard but then it's like something takes over me and im in autopilot driving to KFC and then I don't realise what I've done until after I've eaten all of it :(

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That's rough I do it often too.
I've been trying to change the habit.
The link is to an article about building new habits, it's pretty great.

I understand. I always have guilt after eating bad food. But everyone you eat something. . Think.. what could this do to me

Mine is reesces peanut butter cups....king 4 pack....embarrassingly I noticed that as hard as it is for me to walk I seem to get to the gas station at the end of the block pretty darn fast to get a reesces. I have all the knowledge I ned to start loosing weight. But can't seem to force myself to DO any of it. Sometimes I feel as though I don't deserve to get better so I tend to be self distructive. Just have to keep trying though....try getting the grilled chicken instead of the fried. Little changes add up and can make a difference.

Im addicted to sodas and candy and fast food, i nervous eat a lot too because of my ulcer, i want to break the habit too but its so easy to go back to it, it makes it hard.

Whenever I know I'm supposed to "be good" I want snacks that much more. I am a health food nut, however, when I make healthy paleo muffins or treats, eating 6 of them instead of 1..... Doesn't get me anywhere. I mindlessly grab food while I'm thinking about other things and I'm nervous. I know. Its so hard.

Have you tried attending an Overeaters Anonymous meeting? They are great, and some have options of phone meetings vs attending in person.

I'm also reading a book called "food: the good girl's drug" which explains overeating/binge/emotional eating pretty well. Just know, you are not alone.

@Pengwen13 I’m gonna look for that. Thanks for sharing!

i get ya. I have been having a horrible day. When I don't feel like it's worth it I give up and eat whatever the eff i want to. I haven't had much money lately so i have been craving sodas like crazy!!! I even put lemonade stuff in my water to get the sugar feeling but omg. I just get so depressed and need the sugar or caffeine. My best friends. Who needs people?

I started being a part of a group called Goals 4 Women on facebook. It has helped me to change my bad habits into good habits. They help you to realise just how your mind works & how to break bad habits. Not to mention they are fabulous for accountability & have really fantastic leaders & group support. My suggestion & advice is to go check them out. I have been there before.... just going for the junkfood. But not anymore. I now have control over myself. You can too!! Seriously, go check them out. And good luck! You can do it!