Why do I keep doing this to myself

Alright, i feel the need to give the full story of my life (in summary) to try to get another persons point of view. Throughout my childhood me and my mom were peas in a pod, she worked at the grammer school that I attended. And on the other hand my Dad was physically there but kinda just went to work came home and went to sleep everyday. but since the first grade, Ive had my own issues. I would throw tantrums, and throw things at the teacher and pretty much be a very un-level headed person. Then around 4th grade i started getting into physical fights with the other students. And i got kicked out my first school for throwing tantrums. Then I went to another school got kicked out my second school (still in 4th grade) for bringing a bullet to school. At this point my mom has me in 1 hour therapy sessions. and since then Ive been Diagnosed as ADD ADHD Autistic Depressed Bipolar Mood Disordered and other things. (currently on rispradol for mood disorder but i think i have split personalities) Then I was put into a school for kids with learning disabilities, i got kicked out of there for tantrums and other things (my tantrums consist of cursing, yelling, throwing things, flipping desks, ect.) And this pattern continued through high school. But in the 7th grade the relationship with my mom was no longer, as she worked at the school that i attended and i attempted to tell 4 different stories and keep them from conversing with each other to find out that i told different stories. When they found out my mom was furiated and has been ever since. Now a quick summary of what Ive "put my parents (my Mom) though" Ive broken 5 bones, gone to mental hospital 3 times for suicidal reasons, And ive gotten kicked out 5 school, all of which my mom was the one talking to the pricipals. Ive gone to Jail 3 times, Resisting arrest, Selling a legend drug (they thought i was selling my Zoloft) and trespassing. All of this with the emotional "torture" of having me as a child. This is everything that Ive brought to their table, but in the recent years they have emotional abused me, by treating me like the awkward foster child and telling me im a worthless piece of ****, the worst thing to ever happen to them, a dope head, **** up ect. And it seems like every time i do something wrong my dad (the only one that will talk to me) raises his voice and either says get the **** out my sight, or gets really mad and just walks away. Most recently i broke into my dads closet and i forgot to close the door. He came in my room asked me if i went in his closet i said no. he called my mom, and by that time i was in front him and i said yeah dad i went into your closet, he noticed a bottle of crown royal was missing (it was signed by everyone in his hunting club [sentimental value to him]) I had stolen it 2 years ago for a party. and he just yelled out "i cant have a mother ****ing thing in my house with him here" and that hurt, it has me in a rut and i just want to end it all, in any way I can. Im tired of disappointing my parents and myself.

Am I the only one going though stuff like this?
And what can i do to better the relationship between me and my parents?

dear one day but not. I see my son and I in your story.But you are down because you do care about what troubles your having and what it's doing to you and your parents relationship.That tells me no matter what mistakes you've made you have a good heart.You know kids act out because they're upset/something is going on...Do you know what started all that rage when you were younger?and it seems that you aren't the only one frustrated with how things are.Having. adhd or bipolar issues is tough for any one... are you seeing someone for help and is your family participating too because that c ould help all of you gain understanding and eventually support each other.Don't give up on yourself .There are books that can teach you about becoming assertive and not acting aggressive,and you also have to realize that being a teen is hard enough with out other problems too.Life is just a series of 2 steps forward and one step back and each try teaches you something new if you can decipher it.Also, your feeling very low right now but things and moods can get better...Maybe you could tell your parents when things are calm how much you do care about what you are doing to yourself and how hurt you are by them...It's sounds really stupid but each day starts new...with no mistakes in it You'll get it right,may take time but it will...