Why do i keep supporting his ways

Hi, this is my first posting and im not even sure where to start. All i know for sure is i need people to talk to and with about my boyfriends addiction and the behavior and emotional whirlwind that accompanies it..my life has become unmanageable becouse he cant manage his own life and his addictions..the story is so long i wont get into it all now but i do need an ear desper
ately ....

Welcome Season. You really are in the right place! Plenty of people here willing to listen without judging, and offer their thoughts, experience, strength and hope.

This is a great place to talk. Welcome!

Being with an addict can make you crazy. It is not easy at all. You feel like you are responsible for their addiction and for stopping it, but you really only have control over yourself and not the other party. They probably don't think they have a problem, but rather you do. It is tough. This is a good site for venting. Hang in there.