Why do I keep wavering with online dating?

I am giving online dating another try, but every time I start to communicate with someone, I will start to second guess my decision shortly thereafter. I went back online on Monday night and have 2 dates set-up for the weekend. They're casual and quick dates, as I don't want to commit to a dinner unless I know that there is a bit of a connection. Now, I am really second guessing the decision to be doing this form of dating again. Maybe it's my past bad experiences with online dating that's scaring me a bit. One of my friends told me that I've never given it a proper try, and she is now in a healthy/happy relationship which started online.

Do I go forward with this and give it a real try or should I stick to traditional ways of meeting men, and really make a commitment to getting out more to events?

HI, I say both. I have tried online dating with some success, but sometimes I thought...I need to get out of the house and away from the computer and meet real people. But online, I have met some really cool guys I probably would have never met otherwise.
Since we do not know when or how we will meet that special someone, I say do both!
Besides, everyone needs to get out to events or favorite activities and have fun!

Thank you so much Merri! You really said/wrote it best; we really have no idea how we are meant to meet the right one, so it's good to try all channels. I love your combo idea of doing a bit of online dating and getting out the traditional way. Why not! Why do I always have to pick one extreme or the other?!?!? This is the perfect solution, thank you so much for bringing it to light.

Wishing you an absolutely positively magnificent day!

Hey Puppy,
I say go and meet them. Why not? You may connect, you may not, but at least you've put yourself out there and that is doing yourself a great justice.

I hope I am not too late with this comment as it is near 12 am over here.

Go have a good old fashioned flirt and least you can practise your new communicative skills we were talking about before:)

Goodluck to you
Moongal x

Thanks so much Moongal! I am definitely giving it a try with an open-heart and open-mind, though I am trying to weed out the odd ones. No judgement, but I've already experience some strange guys, thankfully only over a phone call; therefore, no real time wasted. I cancelled two dates with plenty of notice [out of respect] because I realized that they weren't right for me in terms of values and/or even respect factor, and seemed so superficial with their line of questioning. One guy was so fixated on the physical, another on financial, and the last one questioning level of intellect. I'm staying strong and powering through and I know that sometimes we have to weed through the bad ones to get to that one amazing one.

Ya you're dead right. Oh don't go out just to go out. But if you are getting on, on-line, go and meet them I think it is worth the risk. i am dying to get back on the dating scene, but I'm still abit "you can't hurt me, cos I will run away first" and that's not good...so going to continue working on me and will have to live the single life vicarously through you:p

Soon though, I am dying to be free. I just want to be open really open hearted with someone, but I have to be open hearted with myself first...dear God should i be on Oprah?

Hope you are in good form, only got a shallow 300ml of water into me today...terrible.

Much love to you
Moongal x

Thank you so much Moongal! I am going to give certain men chances and be super open-minded. Whatever happened to simple and lovely questions, whatever happened to getting to know someone for who they are...not what they own. I was just blown away by 2 guys in a row asking about my finances in the first few minutes of conversation. I am not a superficial person and most certainly do not want to be with one. I only want someone to love me for me.

I understand how you feel and honestly still have some protective walls up, but I am going to allow someone in who I feel that I can trust. Even if I am wrong, at least I've taken the risk.

You will get out there when the time is right for you. And, even if it still feels a bit scary, sometimes it's good just to take baby steps to get out of your comfort zone. That's what I am doing with online dating.

Sending you positive thoughts.