Why do I need want him so badly? I know he is no good for m

Why do I need want him so badly? I know he is no good for me..... my heart feels heavy and aches. I feel like nothing unless I am next to him.... even though he puts me down on a daily bases......
Why can't I be enough for him?

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You don't have to be enough for him, be who you are at your core!

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He's not enough for you. You are beautiful, you are smart,you darn well deserve someone to speak kindly to you. Start by speaking kindly to yourself in the mirror,that inside voice in our head can be so mean ,it's wrong, you don't need a man to make you whole, you have value just being you.Coming from someone who took 20 yrs to learn it. Imagine yourself in 5 yrs. do you want to be chasing some **** or feeling loved. It will hurt for a while but then it won't and then the whole world will open up for you. Give it a try.

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I feel the exact same way. What is wrong with me? Why wasn't I enough for him? Yet I still yearn for him and want to be with him. I don't know your situation, but I think I may be addicted to being abused. My counselor is helping me figure it out. Go to counseling. Find a GOOD one, they are out there, mine is like my 6th try for a therapist and I finally found one who actually cares and tries to help. You can do this

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I have an appointment on Friday. I can go because he is now in jail for 10 days. I need to get strong enough by that time to not let him come back home. She won't be able to see me again until the 25th so only one appointment to get strong by. :o(

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I am in he same boat of thought. This girl hurt me over and over and I still want her. Its hard to move on but always remember its doable

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You can do it. Gain the strength and hang on to it. I hope you succeed

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You can be without him. He doesn't deserve you . It may take a while, but you have to remember how strong you were before him.

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I used to want my ex in the beginning, but I was thinking of the ex who didn't betray me. I texted my ex asking for the sweet guy I used to love, and he wrote back that he doesn't exist anymore. Well, in that case, I don't love this new guy who cheated on me and moved out without talking to our daughter first. I don't know this person anymore, so I don't want or love him anymore. As soon as they cheat on you and choose not to change their ways, you need to dig down deep to protect your own dignity and say see ya cause you need someone who's devoted to you. Life's too short to waste too many tears and desires on cheaters.

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@090915DDay Thank you for that. I’m right with you on those feelings. It’s nice to have someone else confirm them.

I hope your appointment went well yesterday.

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you have ten days to journal how he hurts you and when you think of letting him back reread it to yourself............nothing better than our own words to make us stronger...........you can find strength and the draw to him is more loneliness hon , we all go through it.........sometimes being with someone we feel is better than being alone...........alone is better when it is unhealthy ...........get with friends , make new friends and learn to laugh and enjoy life , you deserve this

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