Why do mirrors lie

Do you know what it's like to not only hate the way you look when you look in a mirror but to know that you arent supposed to look that way? Really. I rarely ever look in mirrors anymore. Help anyone. Please.

You know what you look like....you remember. Other wise you wouldn't be asking for help. I saw things in distorted nature ,it was only through jesus ,with prayer and learning to take control and actually getting the help i needed. I had to eat right,drop the cigarettes,exercise,get around people who make me happy and not bring me down. You do the same with family and friends who love you in a godly love (not handing you liquer ,drugs ,wrong advice,putting you in a depressed state of mind)
Ask yourself ...am i crying out just to cry ,or am i actully taken this action to recive help. I understand schizophrenia...i was schizo for many years. It was not an easy thing to live with...day and night horror.You seem to be pretty mild right now.Let us work from here.