Why does nobody around me understand that I have no control

Why does nobody around me understand that I have no control over my pulling. If I could stop it don't you think I would have by now. I would give anything to live the rest of my life pull free. Just telling me that it is all in my head or that it needs to just stop is not helping the situation. I am doing the best that I can to keep from pulling but what control I had is slipping through my fingers. I need help.

it goes beyong their logic that you can't stop something that hurt so much. Did you ever try to print them so informations about it? Sometimes when it comes from professional the message sink in better.

@Erebosprowl I’ve been doing my best to give them information about it but it just never seems to sink in

I know how you feel I used to have more control but now I have so many bald spots I just feel hopeless. When I get stressed out or upset that I can't stop it just makes me pull more

@astlebug Just knowing that everyone thinks that I can stop whenever I want makes things so much worse and then my daughter doing everything she can to get in trouble while I run errands does not make things any easier for me because then I have to come home and I get even more stressed out.