Why does Online Dating still feel so unnatural and wrong for me?

I have been trying and trying and trying to accept online dating but I really can't seem to do so. It feels so unnatural and wrong for me. I have seen successful relationships come from online dating and I'm happy for those people, but I really can't seem to accept that it's right for me.

I have a 3 month membership for a site that I signed up for in May. I have been on and off numerous times, though thought to give it one more try 2 weeks ago. I have been forcing myself to interact online and respond to guys who initiate communication. I am particular and even guys that are somewhat of interest, I blow off. I had several dates set-up and would cancel for one reason or another.

Is it bad that I still really want to meet a man the traditional way; at an event, party, through others, etc...

I hate online dating. Every single guy that I interacted with ended up lying. I think it is easy to lie online, and they are probably married, too. Most of them were out of the country - probably in a prison, and their profiles would say that they were in the states. I would much rather date in the traditional way, but it is difficult to have enough guys to choose from locally - especially if you live in a small town.

I have tried online dating as well......I don't like it one bit. These guys make themselves sound so wonderful which in reality they are probably far from it!

I am in somewhat of a rut myself right now......i am new to this forum.

Hey Puppy,
Maybe it's just not your "thing" and that's fine. If there has been no one that you've clicked with then fair enough.

I have to say the few I've met with for dates weren't liars they were pretty much what I expected the zing zing just wasn't there.

is it nerves before the date that makes you cancel or just because you don't have any feelings for the person?

Love to you
Moongal x

Wow! Thank you both so very much for your incredibly valuable thoughts and advice. I am so thrilled to hear this and this is exactly what I needed. I have been on the fence about this for so long and honestly it never felt right or natural for me. Whereas, others that I know who are online dating, embraced it and love it.

I went out with a man a couple of months ago via online dating who completely created a persona online and all of it ended up being a total and complete lie. It scared me how I could allow myself around a total con artist. It was scary.

I am back to traditional dating and I think it's best to meet people through people, because this way we know if they are quality people.

Wishing you both the very best and sending you many positive vibes.

Hello....thanks for your advice, here is mine!! Online dating is very hard!! I met my ex husband on match.com I do say ex. lol I have met a lot of nice people but also alot of guys that just want one thing. It is so hard to trust anyone anymore but sometimes you just have to take a chance. It is so true that you can met that someone anywhere...but it is funny how mamy people are online dating...it seems like everyone is in the same boat..looking for that life preserver!!

Good Luck

Online dating beats meeting people in a bar any day. :)

One really nice aspect to meeting people online is that you have chance to figure out who they really are. You will never be 100% successful at this, but you can save yourself a lot of time and money but listening to what someone says before you meet them.

Also, it gives you a chance to do some research about who they say they are. Just use PIPL to learn about things in their past, things they have posted on the Internet, their possible education and possible criminal histories. You would be surprised at what you can find.

Luvsheadmeds: I have to agree with you there

And (shhhhhh) I always Google the guy I am instant messaging as soon as I get the real name. I save all their messages too, just in case you need to go back and reference. Hey,
a girl can't be to cautious.
I don't know if this is allowed, but I will find out huh?.....there is a web site called "don't date this guy" or something like that. Angry women are telling all and giving names. It sounds like "liable" to me but may come under the blanket of "free speech" In any case its a hoot.
And I highly recommend "he's just not that in to you" for the gals who are waiting for the knight to rescue them

Hon if internet dating is not for you, don't do it. Don't do something that is against your beliefs.
And good luck.....:-)

Thank you all so much for your brilliant insight re; internet dating. This is such phenomenal information to take in and a lot to consider. I am going to stay off of it for now, but maybe I'll give it a whirl again in the future. I am really excited about the new Internet Dating Group, I think that's so fantastic.