Why i am angry about this interview. I think the interviewer

Why i am angry about this interview. I think the interviewer hated white people personally. My resume was investigated as to why i worked for one company for only 3 months. I explained that the noise level in the vehicle was loud and that was the reason why i left. This is true because i had worked for one company while in NJ for one day. Their vehicle was newer but would make a siren for everything that you did wrong. Loudly.. Driving over the roadway lines plus a canera inside monitoring your driving habits. I left that job on top of the fact their days and hours always kept changing. They sent me a check and they took all the payment for that one day. I made a complaint with NJ and they made me send a check before i left NJ.

When he said i had fifty other interviews yet, after do you trust others? It was just additional insult to injury. I felt the interviewer was very bias and i had zero chances. It removed the opportunity to work with the company overall. I feel like reapplying anyway. But it would be turned down because of this interviewer held a strong bias against me for whatever reason during the interview.

But the overall statement is, i am glad that i am not working for that location. I would probably be written up for anything and everything by the same interviewer.

@Dumbwolfday101 Look up (DORS) Devision of Rehabilitation Services for your state and city. You should have services there that help people with disabilities find employment and keep it. In some cases you may need a job coach.