Why is it so hard to go outside?

I'm Having a hard time going outside like I use to. I use to sit outside and read for hours, or visit with my friends. My porch use to be my place, now it's a dreadful thing. I hate to go outside for any length of time. I was out there for 10 mins to day and I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to go inside, and the weather is nice today. I don't get it. I spent my whole summer with my kids at the lake, my best friend wants to do that again this summer and I don't know if i can do it again. I had an anxiety attack when I came in the house and had to go lay down. My friends say that I have to get out of the house sometime. I just run out the door to my car and go where i need to go and back. I can't concentrate, I can't even read a book let alone croche or sew anything I once took joy in i know longer have since my suicide attempt. It's like I came home from the hospital and turned into a cry baby. I cry so easy. The doc put me on Seraquil and abilify. It's been three weeks when is it going to work, I'm frustrated all the time. I hate myself right now.

Thinking of you.

Don't put too much pressure on yourself Traz, take it a day at a time. I know how dawnting it can be when you don't enjoy the things that used to make you happy. Try not to be too hard on yourself you are not a cry baby you have been through a lot and it will take some time for the Medications to work successfully before you will notice change. They may even be the cause being that you have just started the new Meds. I here that it can take upto three months for some Medications to start showing the positives. It's definatley hard but you are so strong and in the long run this will only make you stronger.

Always here if you need a chat. You might even find that going out of your comfort zone and going to the lake with your friends and family may just help you. It could be quite the distraction that you might need.

Take care Trazey, :)

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