Why is it that men always feel as though us women USE them?

Why is it that men always feel as though us women USE them? Like i really dont understand this situation in a relationship its a bout building together or is that only in marriage? Maybe i just deserve someone better that actually cares about me.?.?

Im a dude, but honestly don't feel women use guys. If you look at history men tend to dominate over the women in relationships. In the early-mid 1900's women were stuck in the domestic sphere and dependent on the man for income. Fast forward to 2019 women are alot more independent and the sterotype that women are inferior is stupid. I think some guys feel that in some form women are now independent while they need me? It's been long thought that women be dependent on women and now w/ the reversal taking place by which women are gaining independence they deserve then dudes feel that any women who think like that of the 1900(s) by which i(guy) will provide must be using me. I think it's a bit of cultural tension so to speak over gender roles :)

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Hi friend, I believe that a relationship is about building so that two people can commit to marriage. Using someone happens when the man or woman wastes time never growing or ever committing to marriage. I do believe that you deserve someone who will respect you and marry you. I pray that you get direction for this relationship and for your significant other or someone else to treat you right.

@Galloway35, Thanks so much i thought thats what a relationship is about building together. I think i set myself up when i allow him to leave and come back and he never change. He left this morning headed back to Chicago i think im going to just let go and focus on me and my kids.